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Best songs for taking a walk to Grounds

Perfect for any weather or occasion

The walk to Grounds was once a commonplace, mundane and for some, a dreaded task during a normal school year. Now, in the presence of virtual learning and tight gathering restrictions, it is a rare and treasured activity. There is something magical about the sound of feet to pavement, especially after hours of listening to professors bemoan the struggles of using Zoom. So the next time you make the trek to Grounds, grab a pair of headphones and blast these thematically selected tunes! 

1. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers 

After being cooped up in the house due to COVID-19, the walk to Grounds isn’t necessarily daunting. However, it is quite long, especially for off-Grounds students. This tune is the perfect song to blast while setting off on the journey. It will serve as a nice reminder of just how far the walk is and that it would be a good idea to walk more often to avoid feeling so winded. 

2. “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae 

Between a raging pandemic, America’s racial reckoning, virtual learning and the infinite combination of other things that could be impacting someone right now, everyone could benefit from a bit of escapism. This track is the quintessential carefree bop for just that. Put this record on, and get lost in the soulful crooning of Corinne Bailey Rae for about three minutes and 35 seconds. 

3. “Got Til’ It’s Gone” by Janet Jackson 

Joni Mitchell really doesn’t lie. Like the song says, “Don’t it always seem to go / That you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.” Walks to Grounds were taken for granted during the normal semester, and now they are an elusive and missed activity. Walks were once a fun outing to take in the nice weather, reflect, enjoy your favorite tunes and maybe run into that casual acquaintance you forgot you had. Now, they are dangerous treks into the wild. With masks, those acquaintances you forgot about are totally unrecognizable. And if you wear glasses, forget about any acquaintances — the entire world is a blur. At least you can still enjoy the tunes with this playlist.

4. “Move B—h” by Ludacris 

Homophobia aside, this song is absurdly catchy. The track is fiery, angry and aggressive. It is the exact song needed for when you are overcome with the strong desire to bum rush through that one obnoxious friend group taking up the entire sidewalk with absolutely no regard for personal space or social etiquette. 

5. “Cover Girl” by RuPaul

With Zoom university, a majority of people spend most of the day in sweats and t-shirts, or even worse, sometimes with no sweats and dressed simply from the torso up. On the rare occasion that you venture out of the house, follow RuPaul’s advice — “Cover girl, put the bass in your walk / Head to toe, let your whole body talk.” Spruce yourself up, put on your Sunday best and walk out of the house like you own the world. You never know who you could run into —  although there is a 50 percent chance you won’t recognize anyone through their masks. 

6. “Paradisin'’” by Rina Sawayama 

The best time to reflect and get absorbed in thoughts is during a walk. On this frenetic throwback to 2000s pop, Swayama reflects on her years as a teenager, such as her “summer of drinking in Trafalgar,” or “first kiss in 2003.” Whether you're reminiscing about your first kiss, drinking on the Corner or hanging out with your friends on the lawn on a hot summer day, do it with this song playing in the background.   

If you are still walking after listening to the six songs and approximately 22 minutes of this playlist, save some time and energy — pull out your student ID and hitch a ride from University Transit Service.


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