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An Elliewood staple — Take It Away is a sandwich lover’s dream

Serving more than just wonderful food, Take It Away makes enjoying a sandwich both delicious and comforting

Its convenient location on the Corner makes it a popular lunch spot for students and professors alike.
Its convenient location on the Corner makes it a popular lunch spot for students and professors alike.

Take It Away, a long-standing Corner staple which opened in 1992, is home to a warm collection of smiling faces, customizable sandwiches, delectable house dressing and a beautiful variety of chips and drinks. Sandwiches are one of my favorite foods — they remind me of being at home in Virginia Beach, sitting on the beach and eating my favorite Taste Unlimited sandwich. When I first started at the University, I was in desperate need of a sandwich that compared to the ones I know and love at home. Take It Away has gone above and beyond to satisfy this need in my life with an unmatched turkey sandwich and an upbeat atmosphere that makes me feel welcomed every time I order. 

I first discovered the Elliewood location at the beginning of the fall semester while picking up course packets from the print shop next to Heartwood Books. I was immediately struck by the number of people eating at the tables outside of the shop. Not only did the sandwiches look mouth-watering, but everyone in the shop and outside simply seemed like they were enjoying themselves. I immediately knew I had to give it a try.

Ordering at the store is quick, and my experience was brightened by the friendly employees. While customers can choose from an impressive preset list of sandwiches on the menu, like the Elliewood Club or the Wertland Italian, I chose to build my own sandwich to have greater flexibility and creativity with the options provided. I started with turkey, which costs base price of $6.75, and the final price is determined by the number of additions you make to the sandwich. I also add cheddar cheese, roasted tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles and house dressing — the house dressing is a must-try. 

Typically overwhelmed by the sheer number of chip flavor options ranging from Chesapeake Crab to Sour Cream and Onion, I have found a strong affinity for the Route 11 Dill Pickle Chips. Customers can also order ahead online to have their sandwich waiting for them when they arrive, which is especially helpful for busy students on the go.

The sandwich is delicious — their sourdough bread is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The proportions are nicely balanced, with a filling amount of turkey that does not leave me feeling overpowered or stuffed, which is important to me. I skip romaine and instead let the roasted tomatoes, cucumbers and pickles shine. 

The portion size of the sandwich is spot on, and I can eat the whole sandwich when I am especially hungry, but I can also save the other half for later. I also love dipping my sandwich into a side of house dressing to enjoy a tasty punch of mayonnaise, spice and mustard — a heavenly combination of flavor that can even be purchased by the jar in the restaurant.

Take It Away not only provides superb sandwiches to individual customers, but it also offers zero waste catering of sandwich platters and boxed lunches that can be delivered anywhere in Charlottesville. Enjoying a phenomenal sandwich while supporting a business of fantastic people on a noble mission to create a caring and inclusive community — I cannot imagine a better answer to my hunt for a favorite sandwich shop. 

I look forward to continuing to enjoy my favorite turkey sandwich from one of the most upbeat and impactful establishments in Charlottesville, and I hope you will too.


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