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What the On-Grounds dining option you frequent says about you

My observations on your personality based on people watching at various on-grounds dining locations

Next semester, you swear you’ll conserve your Flex Dollars better. You won’t. Chick-fil-A is still too good.
Next semester, you swear you’ll conserve your Flex Dollars better. You won’t. Chick-fil-A is still too good.

As a regular to many on-Grounds dining options, I’ve noticed a few trends among the patrons of various restaurant options that supplement the dining halls. After careful study, I’ve found that someone’s go-to dining option can often be indicative of certain personality traits among students. However, I want to stress that everything is based on my personal experiences, and may therefore not always be accurate. 


If you frequent Crossroads, you’re someone who’s unwavering in your opinions. You’ve probably attempted to convince yourself — and probably all your friends — that, no matter how many wrong ingredients show up in your meal or how many times your meal gets stolen, you’ve discovered a tastier, more convenient alternative to the dining hall. No matter how much contrary evidence is presented to you, no matter how many times your friends beg to eat somewhere else as a group, you will stick by that view. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to enter any sort of debate or argument with you, because you would win.


You’re a child at heart, especially if you order ice cream from here. You find joy in the little things — like having access to ice cream while you’re hunkered down in Clark stacks studying for a midterm. I’d guess that you either don’t enjoy the taste of coffee that much, or you’re one of those impressive few who get by without a single ounce of caffeine. In fact, you’re probably substituting sugar as your reward for a good few hours of productive work where most would opt for caffeine. Honestly, you’re probably a pretty exciting person to know. 

The Castle

If you eat at The Castle, you’re definitely someone who doesn’t know how to deal with free time and doesn’t want to be left alone with your thoughts. So, you stuff your schedule with every extracurricular and social plan you can. Let’s be honest, given that The Castle is usually out of at least half their options, you’re not eating there for the experience. No, you’re eating there because it’s convenient, quick and never crowded. You barely have enough time to think, nevermind seek out an enjoyable dining experience — you’re a busy bee! Genuinely, you’re the kind of person that will either burn out by your second semester or you’ll end up being president 40 years down the road — I don’t foresee anything in between for you. 

Rising Roll

Again, convenience is the name of the game if you frequent Rising Roll. You’re someone who appreciates efficiency. When you want something, you’re not really interested in searching far and wide for it, nor are you interested in waiting very long for it. You’re probably someone who has back-to-back discussions in New Cabell Hall, and doesn’t want to pointlessly leave the building to find food between them. Not only do you appreciate efficiency, you’re also probably pretty quick at completing various tasks. You’re definitely capable of finishing a meal, a homework assignment and cleaning your apartment in the time it takes most people to finish half their meal. 

West Range Cafe 

If you eat at West Range often, you’re all about the academia aesthetic. You love the wood chairs, dark carpets, fireplace and homey atmosphere inside the Cafe. So much so, that you’re able to look past the fact that West Range doesn’t really serve better quality food than any of the other dining options. I imagine you’re the type of person who loves autumn and winter —  you pull out corduroy pants, jackets and turtlenecks at the first sight of orange foliage on the lawn. You’re also definitely an early bird. There’s nothing you love more than going by West Range when it’s early and chilly and getting their honey-glazed biscuit sandwich before it sells out. 

Einstein Bros. Bagels

If you order from Einstein’s, you’re a chronic oversleeper whose only motivation to get up is a warm bagel. You make the quest to Rice Hall for the famed Einstein’s bagels, decked out in your finest sweatpants, or better yet, your plaid flannel pajama pants. Nothing will ruin your day more than opening the Grubhub app only to see that Einstein’s is out of your top choice of bagel and shmear. At that point you may as well go back to bed, because what’s the point of getting up and going to that morning class?

The Pavilion

If you frequent The Pav, you’re definitely a compulsive online shopper. In the same way you want to buy new clothes but don’t want to trudge to a physical store to browse, you are desperate for real food but don’t have the time or energy to make it all the way to the Corner. So you do the next best thing, and blow your Flex Dollars on restaurants in the Pav instead. You’re probably down to your final Flex Dollars by now if you’re not completely done with them already. Next semester, you swear you’ll conserve your Flex Dollars better. You won’t. Chick-fil-A is still too good.