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Blue Moon Diner is out of this world

With seemingly infinite options, this Charlottesville eatery is a breakfast lover’s heaven

<p>If you are looking for a lively eatery to enjoy just about any dish imaginable, you don’t have to travel far off Grounds to find it at Blue Moon Diner.</p>

If you are looking for a lively eatery to enjoy just about any dish imaginable, you don’t have to travel far off Grounds to find it at Blue Moon Diner.

Before departing Charlottesville for spring break, my friends and I had two things on our to-do lists — fill our gas tanks and fill our bellies. However, we were each in the mood for something different. In order to satisfy everyone’s cravings, we decided to go somewhere with a diverse menu, and we settled on the Blue Moon Diner, recommended to me by two other food writers for The Cavalier Daily. The restaurant was reasonably priced relative to its ample portion sizes — with the average dish priced below $15 — making the diner perfect for an affordable outing with friends.

Blue Moon Diner is located just past the Corner on West Main Street, about a 20-minute walk from central Grounds. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and over the weekend from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Buzzy and Alison White opened Blue Moon Diner in 1979, and since then, the restaurant has had several stewards. The current owners, Laura Galgano and Rice Hall, took over the space in 2006, building upon the diner’s retro features by adding more of their own personal touches. The diner’s vibrant new personality was apparent as I entered the space, with a full bar covered in a variety of colorful stickers and rustic decor throughout. Chatter flitted amongst patrons comfortably sat around the restaurant, and I got the impression that the place was a favorite among Charlotteville locals. 

When my friends and I arrived at Blue Moon Diner, we were greeted by a host within seconds and seated on the second floor. Our waiter, Michael, told us to scan a QR code at the center of the table to order our meals online via Toast. To simplify the process, I placed a single order on my phone. However, presumably for larger parties, there was an option to order as a group, which enables several people to split the bill.

Though we all admitted to “menu stalking” before we arrived, we still went through every item on the menu — from pastries and egg dishes to sandwiches and burgers — contemplating what we wanted to try. After careful consideration, we settled on two sweet dishes — a cinnamon bun and Belgian waffle — and two savory dishes — the breakfast burrito and Mediterranean omelet. 

To tide ourselves over while we anxiously awaited our food, we enjoyed the diner’s bottomless coffee. We visited and revisited their coffee bar, outfitted with a hot coffee dispenser, a variety of milks and creamers and several sweetener options. When I returned from filling up my second cup, I was greeted by the aromas of our incoming meal. Before the waiter even set the plates down, our cameras flocked over the table to capture photos of the aesthetic array because — as they say — the phone eats first.

I decided to lead brunch with dessert, so I first indulged in the cinnamon bun. I was pleased to discover the cinnamon bun had a sweet cream cheese frosting that, when spread atop the bun, instantly liquified. The roll itself was light and airy with a subtle cinnamon kick. The pastry flooded my senses with nostalgia — I always ask my mom to make them, and it was a reminder of how much I was looking forward to going home.  

I tried the Belgian waffle next, which came with whipped cream and the option to add on chocolate chips, strawberries and blueberries — a trio of toppings I thoroughly enjoyed. My friend perceptively noted that, with the immaculate combination of the sour oozing berries, sugary melted whipped cream and chocolate, there was no need for a sweet, moistening syrup.

Moving from sweet to savory, I cut off a large piece of the breakfast burrito. With the crunch of the seared tortilla and the silkiness of the black bean spread, the dish was a harmony of well-blended textures. A garnish of fresh salsa also added some brightness. The side of sweet potato fries was also a hit among our party — the fries were perfectly chewy and creamy. This plate of goodness took the prize for the best all-around dish.

I also enjoyed the Mediterranean omelet. We ordered it without the capers and tomatoes based on personal preferences, but the remaining mix-ins — bell peppers, spinach and feta — were cooked to perfection. The potato and vegetable scramble that accompanied it was another highlight, particularly when eaten in the same bite as the omelet. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Blue Moon Diner. Since eating there, I have already raved to numerous friends about my experience and encouraged them to try the diner for themselves. If you are looking for a lively eatery to enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes, Blue Moon Diner is an excellent choice. It is the perfect place to fuel up for your studies in the company of friends.


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