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Top 10 things on the Corner that will never change

From Bodo’s to 1515, these things will define the University hot-spot for years to come

<p>Exploring the Corner has been one of my favorite things to do at the University.</p>

Exploring the Corner has been one of my favorite things to do at the University.

Exploring the Corner has been one of my favorite things to do at the University. I’ve devoured The Virginian’s mac and cheese, sipped lattes at Grit Coffee and listened to live music at Ellie’s Country Club. From finding new study spots during the day to running around with friends at night, here are 10 things I’ve discovered on the Corner that are too iconic to disappear.

1. The line at Trinity Irish Pub

The first time I explored the Corner, I remember seeing a line of students snaking out of Trin. The sight of the pub-crawling crowd and burly bouncers overwhelmed me at first, but once I experienced the restaurant for myself, I understood the hype. With Irish flags, a shiny walnut-colored bar and electric energy, Trin is a hub for student nightlife. On Friday nights, the pub will undoubtedly remain bustling with upperclassmen — and definitely only upperclassmen — for years to come.

2. Tabling that never stops

Whether I’m picking up shampoo from CVS or going out on a Friday night, I always pass by someone tabling on the Corner — Girl Scouts selling cookies,  CIOs selling Squishmallows for a fundraiser and even a student promoting his start-up company. Need to satisfy a cookie craving? Want to buy a Squishmallow for your girlfriend? Desire an invigorating shot of OK Energy? It’s hard not to get reeled in by all of the appealing offerings. I know that when I visit the Corner down the road as an alumna, I’m guaranteed to see some more convincing tables.

3. Bodo’s by day, Boylan by night

Any doubters of the University’s work hard, play hard mentality can’t deny it thrives on the Corner. I’ve been to the Corner both in broad daylight to pick up books at The Gray and at night for dinner at Asado, and I’ve noticed how two worlds can exist in the same space. In the morning and afternoon, students stop by Bodo’s Bagels and study on benches. But when night falls, they flock to Boylan Heights to watch basketball after a long day of classes. This pattern of studying and blowing off steam is sure to continue as long as there are students at the University.

4. Mutual embarrassment

When a student heads home via the Corner — clad in a sweatshirt and backpack — and crosses paths with someone obviously going out — wearing a crop top with a Solo cup in hand — both parties experience a feeling of discomfort. As someone who has been on both sides of this interaction, I know how each person feels — the late-night studier feels like they should have more fun and go out, while the partier feels guilty for not studying. This awkward, unspoken interaction will never cease between late-night cramming students and party animals.

5. Hidden gems

I love wandering down the streets and alleyways of the Corner to discover hidden shopping gems. I recently stumbled upon Möge Tee with a friend, and the bubble tea shop is now one of my favorite places on the Corner — it has a calming ambience, LED decor, plants and aesthetic white seating. Now, I visit Möge Tee with friends to get strawberry boba or traditional milk tea. Besides this gem, the Corner always seems to offer new things to browse and buy, from used books at Heartwood Books to cute boutique dresses from Finch.

6. Merch, merch and more merch

One thing I never fail to see on the Corner is University merchandise. It is truly everywhere. Students, faculty and Charlottesville residents alike can be seen wearing Virginia sweatshirts, hats and even shoes — and on game days, the amount of merch skyrockets. When our football team is killing it, the merch is too. And why wouldn’t it? The orange and blue from Mincer’s is the best collegiate merch available in the country — at least in my opinion. Even after I graduate, I’ll keep coming back to the Corner’s iconic apparel store to buy fuzzy Virginia socks.

7. 7 Day Junior — the frat before the frat

Before going to bars or fraternities, many students enjoy a run to one of the 7 Day Junior convenience stores. The loud EDM, shelves of snacks and drinks and conversations with 7 Day Harry will forever be a staple for students. The 7 Day empire is only growing larger, as a new location recently opened in the old CaryTown Tobacco shop. With so many locations, 7 Day is sure to bring an energizing presence on the Corner long after I graduate.

8. The study nooks at 1515

Study nooks at 1515 will never go out of style. The atmosphere at the Corner student center, for me at least, boosts productivity. It’s like everyone is pushing each other telepathically to keep working. And there are study spots galore — you can snuggle up in the coveted window seat, study with friends at a table in the Studio or claim the quiet Reflection Room. The downstairs game room makes 1515 an even more popular study locale — students, myself included, travel downstairs to distract themselves with the pinball and the dance machines.

9. Trying not to get run over

My biggest challenge on the Corner is steering clear of cars. Whenever I’m strutting across the brick sidewalks, I’m always on the lookout for cars vrooming down the Corner’s narrow side streets with windows down and music up. I always look both ways before crossing the street to avoid an unfortunate encounter with a motor vehicle — or even a bike or an e-scooter. The unpredictable and unnerving vehicles will forever torment pedestrians on the Corner.

10. Big University, small world

As the Corner is perhaps the most frequented spot at the University, going there means a pretty high chance that you’ll run into a friend. You’re bound to see someone you know, whether bumping into your first-year Resident Advisor on the sidewalk or finding out a classmate works at your favorite restaurant. While it can be hard to run into a friend when rushing to class on Grounds, the Corner is guaranteed to connect you to your community at the University.


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