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Former UJC chair Lisa Kopelnik gives farewell address, passes torch to Harper Jones

The remaining members of the executive committee announced the representatives filling their roles

<p>Kopelnik said that UJC also saw many triumphs over the last term, including a 40 percent decrease in case processing times.</p>

Kopelnik said that UJC also saw many triumphs over the last term, including a 40 percent decrease in case processing times.

Harper Jones, chair of the University Judiciary Committee and third-year College student, began her term Sunday as members of the executive committee gave farewell speeches, welcoming the representatives that will be taking their roles. A key focus of many of the speeches was the “unprecedented” nature of the previous term in reference to the rise in cases threatening physical safety.

Lisa Kopelnik, former UJC chair and third-year College student, opened the meeting by summarizing the previous term, discussing not only the challenges the UJC faced in changing case profiles, but also its successes.

“From April 1 of last year to now we heard just under 30 cases involving what has been a notable and unprecedented increase in cases involving physical assault and threats to health and safety,” Kopelnik said.

Standard 2 violations, which pertain to actions that intentionally or recklessly threaten someone’s health or safety, were included in 87.5 percent of all cases processed last semester. She added that last term the UJC issued its first use of the expulsion sanction, a rarely used sanction, in at least 20 years. Additionally, none of the 30 cases processed in the previous term were appealed, according to Kopelnik.

Building off of these standout statistics, Kopelnik said that UJC also saw many triumphs over the last term, including a 40 percent decrease in case processing times over the last semester and a 50 percent increase in applications to join the UJC. Kopelnik credits the UJC’s community outreach, like its over 10 co-sponorships — partnerships with organizations to boost the UJC’s outreach and promote understanding of the UJC’s processes — as well as the return of Judiciary Week, for this increase.

Kopelnik also discussed successes in recruitment, saying that, for the first time in over 10 years, the UJC completely filled its representative pool with 29 representatives.

Marsh Pattie, associate vice president for student affairs, was also in attendance and gave a short speech following Kopelnik’s. Pattie attributed many of the UJC’s successes to Kopelnik’s character, saying that Kopelnik worked as an effective leader for the UJC over the course of her term.

“I believe to be a good leader and a great leader, you have to have character and integrity,” Pattie said. “Lisa has modeled that, even in the most difficult days.”

Kopelnik said the UJC will continue building upon these outreach and education initiatives during the next term. While Jones has also defined these initiatives as part of the forefront of the platform, she said she also hopes to oversee the creation of a UJC endowment and an informal resolution process, as well as the return of subcommittees and Judiciary Week. 

Although Jones did not address any of these specific initiatives in her speech, she thanked the members of the executive committee and pledged to be a resource for anyone who needs her.

“I have a lot of ideas and goals for this term, but my biggest priority is to be the best possible representative of all that we do,” Jones said. “This committee is yours as much as it is mine.”

The appointed, non-voting members of the new executive committee were also announced officially at Sunday’s meeting. Second-year Commerce student Nayana Celine Xavier, who previously headed the diversity, equity and inclusion subcommittee, and third-year College student Madeline Barber are the new senior counselors. 

Second-year Engineering student Colin Berry is the new senior investigator. Third-year College student Christina Propheter, who previously headed the Judiciary Week subcommittee, is the new senior educator. First-year College student Calvin Pan is the new senior data manager.

The other former members of the executive committee also gave short speeches announcing their successors, who then brought flowers to the previous representatives and took their seats. The new voting members of the executive committee were elected March 17 and re-announced at Sunday’s meeting. 

Jeronimo Lau Alberdi, representative for the School of Law, is the new vice chair for graduate students, a role that had not been elected when the rest of the executive committee’s voting members were chosen by UJC representatives. 

Alexandra Worms, First Year Judiciary Committee chair and first-year College student, and Skye Milne, FYJC vice chair and first-year College student, will be continuing in their positions until their replacements are elected by the new FYJC representatives in October.

The UJC will hold its final general body meeting April 21 to recognize its graduating members and hand out support officer of the year awards, recognitions of the performance of individual counselors, educators and investigators.


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