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Historic portraits of black families from Charlottesville tell truths in plain sight

(03/11/19 4:35am)

Personal family photographs can serve as a powerful counter-narrative to established visual media, like Confederate monuments, that share a limited and often misconstrued version of history. The dignity of the individuals in these pictures hints at the resilience and boldness of black Americans in Charlottesville in spite of the extremely unequal and reinforced conditions of the Jim Crow era.

La Sociedad de La Gente calls for U.Va. to take stronger measures to address cultural appropriation in Greek life

(03/08/19 3:16pm)

La Sociedad de La Gente — an anonymous student group comprised of Hispanic and Latinx University students and their allies — circulated an open letter this week addressed to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life condemning their response to recent events of cultural appropriation in Greek chapters on Grounds. This statement follows the publication of an open letter last month from Native American Student Union entitled “Not Your Costume.” 

A guide to baking bread — a labor of love and hard work

(03/12/19 3:12pm)

If you don’t know anything about the artisanal bread-baking process, specifically sourdough, it’s just that — a process. The first time I attempted a loaf, if actually came out great. Since then? I’ve had quite a few slip-ups, let me tell you. The thing is, sourdough bread baking is as much a mental challenge as it is therapy, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. 

Eliminate the press and authorize elderly Americans as the new fourth estate

(03/13/19 6:14pm)

Throughout his presidency, President Donald Trump has fostered an incredibly hostile environment toward the press that seemingly grows worse by the day. Among his attacks are his declarations of “a running war on the media” and that journalists are “among the most dishonest human beings on earth.” These sorts of claims are not ones the president throws around without forethought and tactfulness. When the media calls him out, he frames any attempt to expose him as yet another pointed, liberal attack on his presidency. Trump uses accusations to purposefully enact a war on the press, which undermines its ability to appear credible during instances in which he looks bad or is being held to account. 

Hoos in the NBA: Mike Scott heats up

(03/07/19 11:44pm)

Out of all the former Cavaliers in the NBA, Philadelphia 76ers forward Mike Scott was most impressive this week. His 22 point showing Saturday against Golden State was the highlight of the week. Milwaukee Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon also played very well. The Bucks, however, are in a two-game slump, despite being the first team in the NBA to clinch a playoff berth with their league-best 48-16 record. Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Harris had a decent week, and shooting guard and small forward Justin Anderson continues to play a reserve role for the Hawks.

Multicultural Student Center hosts fifth installment of Multicultural Leadership Series with MRC chair Ibtisaam Amin

(03/08/19 9:56pm)

Third-year College student and chair of the Minority Rights Coalition Ibtisaam Amin spoke to over 20 people in the Multicultural Student Center about her leadership experiences with the MRC and the Muslim Institute for Leadership and Empowerment Tuesday in the fifth installment of the Pathways: Multicultural Leadership Series.

U.Va. President Jim Ryan responds to student concerns, issues facing University

(03/07/19 5:51am)

University President Jim Ryan sat down with The Cavalier Daily Feb. 27 in Madison Hall for a 30 minute interview to discuss a range of topics including the quarterly Board of Visitors meeting, issues of faculty diversity, ongoing developments in on-Grounds housing and recent events of cultural appropriation among Greek Life organizations. This interview coincided with the publishing of the report from Ryan’s community working group, which identified jobs, wages and affordable housing as some of the most pressing issues facing the Charlottesville community. 

PASCIAK: Increasing the legal tobacco purchasing age in Virginia is the right call

(03/08/19 1:08am)

Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia signed a bill into law that would raise the buying age of tobacco products from 18 to 21 years old two weeks ago, becoming the seventh state to implement this new policy. The law was enacted in response to a rise in underage e-cigarette usage in the United States and is a step in the right direction towards further reducing underage tobacco usage. 

Uniting student leaders with approaches for critical conversations

(03/07/19 2:19am)

In an environment constantly struggling with issues of social injustice and oppression, conversation is vital. Leaders of student organizations on Grounds have struggled with how to facilitate meaningful and fair conversation in which each voice is heard, recognized and understood. Fourth-year College and Curry student Emily Schmid found a creative approach to tackle this issue — using theatre methodology in conflict resolution. Her simplistic approach of movement and interaction provides clear formulas to begin these difficult conversations.