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Is the artificial pancreas a game changer?

(11/27/18 7:30pm)

A device for diabetes management developed at the University could lead to a day when Type 1 diabetes patients no longer have to perform multiple blood tests a day or personally inject themselves with insulin. University researchers, in collaboration with Charlottesville company TypeZero Technologies, refined a software that automatically monitors blood glucose levels of Type 1 diabetes patients and determines how much insulin they should receive at a given moment. 

Top three reasons why Thanksgiving makes me feel like I’m living in an altered reality

(11/27/18 4:23am)

Thanksgiving is an interesting time of a year, to say the least. Never has the fourth Thursday of a certain month gotten as much attention as that of November, and for what? Unseasoned poultry? A parade organized by a declining department store chain? Covertly racist comments made by your overtly racist relatives at the dinner table? Personally, I don’t really get the hype. But regardless of my feelings of confusion towards the holiday, no matter who you are, Thanksgiving is a pervasive phenomenon — one that completely takes over your life to the point where you can’t even recognize it anymore. So you can better understand what I mean, here are my top three reasons why Thanksgiving makes me feel like I’m living in an altered reality:

YOWELL: Democrats should be hopeful

(11/27/18 5:20am)

As the results rolled in from the 2018 midterm election, Democrats across the nation watched both in fear and hope as the outcomes appeared questionable for most of the night. The blue wave many hoped would seize the nation suffered some major losses, such as Beto O’Rourke losing to Ted Cruz in Texas, Stacey Abrams’ defeat in the Georgia governor’s race and Leslie Cockburn losing here in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District. However, those losses cannot be compared to the monumental progress Democrats made throughout the country on a much broader scale. This election spoke volumes regarding the rejection of the current state of affairs, and Democratic voters let their presence and persistence be known across the nation as they made history and simultaneously set themselves up for much larger successes in 2020.

MCKELVEY: We’re still waiting for President Ryan’s living wage plan

(11/27/18 11:48pm)

In recent years, the cost of living in Charlottesville has continually increased. Housing, water and gas prices have all become more expensive within the past two years. This increase falls heavily on low-wage workers. Seeing as the University is the largest employer in the City of Charlottesville, it is in a unique position to address these issues. 

Ask me how many times I’ve been told I should be a lawyer

(11/27/18 7:46pm)

I first realized that I was strong-willed when my mom simply couldn’t stand how argumentative I was. She would give up trying to convince me to change my stance by saying, “You should just be a lawyer.” And throughout my life, I have received that advice over and over again from adults who chuckle hearing me argue or try to convince people of my personal beliefs. Because of this, I used to snub my nose at ever thinking about being a lawyer, simply because I felt that people would tell me that because my stubbornness was a negative attribute — but I have started to accept it. 

It is Little Mix’s world, we just live in it

(11/27/18 4:18am)

Fresh off their Summer Hits Tour 2018, British phenomenon Little Mix released their fifth album aptly titled “LM5.” “LM5” finds the quartet, to quote member Leigh-Anne Pinnock, “more confident than ever.” The album benefits from the girl group taking more ownership in the studio — they penned half the tracks on the album — and developing a more mature sound. Unfortunately, their newfound sound works like a double-edged sword. In an attempt to mature their sound, Little Mix tries too hard at creating experimental sounds and following trends.

Ryan’s working group seeks to bolster relationship between local community, U.Va.

(11/29/18 3:35am)

University President Jim Ryan’s recently established community working group has already begun its mission to evaluate the relationship between the University and the surrounding community with its first meeting Nov. 5. Ryan announced the creation the working group in October to begin the lengthy process of identifying ways in which the University — along with the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County and other areas — can strengthen its bond with the local community and seek means for improvement. 

What my music taste says about me

(11/26/18 2:53am)

In my American Studies class, we recently covered a topic on tastes, another form of classification and categorization in American society. As if we needed to differentiate ourselves more, we began to compare and contrast likes and dislikes. It’s true — we think we can form a judgment on someone based on what someone likes to wear or listen to or read. As this lecture progressed, I — naturally, of course — began to judge myself. 

An undercover investigation into athlete dining

(11/29/18 10:03pm)

Before I begin, I feels important to note that I am not an athlete. Well, that’s not entirely true. In high school I was a member of various sporting teams, but here at the University of Virginia, I do not maintain the high honor that is walking around with a Nike backpack emblazoned with my last name and favorite sport. I must admit, however, being a civilian does have some perks. For one, I am not forced to wear sweatpants all hours of the day, and I get to sign up later than most for my classes for next semester, making my decisions easier as the classes I can’t decide between are now all filled. Another perk is found in means of transportation. As a civilian student, I am not forced to risk my life riding a moped around Grounds at breakneck speed. I am provided the far safer option to walk on the sidewalk at a responsible pace, or the far healthier option to ride my manual bicycle uphill both ways to and from class. 

Is There an English Major in the House?

(11/30/18 12:10am)

You’re in Clem. Minding your own business. Maybe sipping some Starbucks and struggling with your ENGL 3880 paper on “Tobacco Road” by Erskine Caldwell, because you don’t know how you’re supposed to talk about absurdism, abjection, existentialism and visuality in a coherent fashion. You hear a choking sound behind you. You turn curiously to see an unsuspecting first year gagging in a booth — they were absentmindedly chewing on their pencil eraser and watching The Office at the same time. A particularly spicy comment made them laugh, causing them to accidentally inhale their pencil eraser in the process! What do you do!?

Breaking News! What you’ll want to know about rising crime rates at U.Va.

(11/30/18 12:16am)

The Charlottesville Police Department has released some surprising statistics for the month of October. According to a recent spreadsheet that was made by the Chief of Police himself on Google Sheets, crime rates have been skyrocketing for the past month. The cause of this recent spike appears to be an increase in hit-and-runs at the University. Reports have been flooding in from from students across the University who have been involved in these incidents, pointing the finger at a shocking group — ambassadors. The University’s Ambassadors Service was integrated into the community during February of 2015 in order to create a safe atmosphere for students. In recent years however, ambassadors have received ridicule from the student body for being, as one student put it “As useful as a cell phone”. It appears these countless jokes and accusations of the ambassador’s uselessness have taken their toll on the group. 

Confessions of a city slicker

(11/30/18 12:03am)

I am from the city — there’s no way around the fact. As much as people from Charlottesville would love to tell you otherwise, it’s an itty-bitty little blep on a map who’s biggest “mall” is just a collective ignorance of the fact it’s just one street. I’ll admit, I had my own set of biased preconceptions before I came to Charlottesville about what life in a more rural area was going to be like. I moved to Charlottesville from Seoul, a metropolis of almost 10 million, a stark contrast to Charlottesville’s mere population of 14 (it’s actually only 12; two of them are just horses in shoes, but they’re sensitive, so don’t bring it up). 

The trashcan perspective: A story of one trashcan’s greatest adventure

(12/06/18 4:04am)

I am a trashcan. I am a beautiful trashcan, always clean and composed, basically I’m better than you. I have a body made of a stiff metal mesh that allows one to see the bag inside and the shadow of its contents. I originated from a land called T-A-R-G-E-T. Ever heard of it? It is an exotic land, you probably couldn’t afford to visit there. Also, I have done a lot of traveling for a trashcan. This is the story of the grandest adventure of my garbage life.