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Bill Clinton delivers closing keynote address at U.Va.’s Presidential Ideas Festival

(05/26/19 12:27am)

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton visited the University on Thursday to address a packed audience in Old Cabell Hall on the state of democracy and the future of the American presidency. His self-written speech marked the conclusion of the three-day Presidential Ideas Festival, hosted by the University’s Miller Center of Public Affairs and the University’s Democracy Initiative as part of U.Va.’s Bicentennial founding celebration.

MULAY: “Cardiac Cavs” are on a collision course with the national championship

(05/24/19 2:33pm)

There are just over 10 minutes left in the game and the third-seeded Virginia men’s lacrosse team trails by five goals to Maryland in the quarterfinal round of the NCAA Tournament. After a 5-0 Maryland run spanning the third and fourth quarters, the Cavaliers are on the brink of elimination.

MCKELVEY: There’s hope for the Equality Act

(06/02/19 11:46pm)

In the midst of controversy surrounding various state abortion legislation, the House of Representatives passed a groundbreaking bill to protect the rights of LGBTQ individuals. Specifically, the “Equality Act” would expand protections laid out in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to “include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected characteristics.” Most notably, this would mean that employers, housing officials and public accommodations such as restaurants, cannot discriminate on the basis of someone’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation. Furthermore, the bill explicitly cites conversion therapy as a form of discrimination. Nevertheless, this bill is not expected to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate. While there was some conservative backing of the bill, it passed largely due to House Democrats. Of the 236 representatives that voted in favor of the bill, only eight were Republicans. 

FERGUSON: Build the wall

(06/14/19 11:52am)

Immigration reform has consistently emerged as a key issue in political campaigns for decades, but partisan politics have consistently blocked needed change to our current immigration policy. A thorough review of the processes by which those seeking legal and citizen status obtain such approval from the United States government is long overdue. However, given the bickering from both Democrats and Republicans that has persisted election cycle after election cycle, such reforms are unlikely to take place in the near future. 

Miller Center to conduct oral history of the Obama administration

(05/20/19 3:48pm)

The University’s Miller Center of Public Affairs announced last week that it has begun conducting interviews with officials of the Barack Obama administration as part of its comprehensive oral history project of past U.S. presidencies. The project will focus on a variety of topics, including Obama’s transition to office, his response to the 2008 financial crisis and his role as the first African-American president in U.S. history. 

VITI: It matters who writes our films

(06/14/19 11:52am)

Fictional representations of women and marginalized groups have important effects on the ways in which society perceives and advocates for underrepresented communities. There have been exciting milestones in this area recently, including movies like “Black Panther” and “Wonder Woman.” However, diverse representation must not simply be diverse — it must be a good, thoughtful representation that does not play further into harmful stereotypes. The best diverse representation comes from diverse creators.  

University mindfulness programs help students gain headspace

(05/24/19 10:06pm)

In the middle of balancing rigorous coursework with various extracurricular activities and a social life, giving importance to and dedicating time to mental health can be difficult for some college students. To help students maintain a healthy mental outlook, the University supports meditation and mindfulness through various resources such as the Contemplative Sciences Center, Counseling and Psychological Services and the School of Medicine, which offer different courses and programs in these areas. These practices are intended to help students improve both their mental and physical health. 

Pharrell Williams speaks at 2019 Valedictory Exercises

(05/17/19 10:21pm)

Pharrell Williams — Grammy award-winning musician and producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist and fashion designer from Virginia Beach, Va. — delivered the keynote address at Friday’s Valedictory Exercises as part of the University’s Class of 2019 graduation weekend. Throughout his speech, he referenced humility and passion for education and social change as keys for success.

‘Tolkien’ is a love letter to language

(05/24/19 9:40pm)

Between film adaptations, countless copies of the original novels and its establishment as a staple of popular culture, it is hard to avoid the evolving saga of “The Lord of the Rings.” The legendary work of fantasy remains immensely popular, seeping its way into much of the contemporary discourse about fiction. The new film “Tolkien,” which was released May 10, plays into this romanticism as it follows the life of author J.R.R. Tolkien from his earliest years to his writing of the novels. 

PARTING SHOT: Thanks from your friendly neighborhood cartoonist

(05/17/19 6:15pm)

Some of you may be wondering, “Hey, what is this cartoon editor doing writing a parting shot? She isn’t a writer — she just draws funny pictures. I don’t want to read any words from this girl unless it’s in a speech bubble.” Well, hang on folks. I promise I will make this as entertaining as possible.

PUBLIC EDITOR: Paper’s editing chain should be more adamant about enforcing baseline rules

(05/21/19 5:32pm)

There are a number of ways that a newspaper can establish credibility with its readers, but perhaps the most baseline of these ways is through having excellent grammar, spelling and streamlined style guidelines. The Cavalier Daily has its own style guide and trains its staff extensively in how to pursue these, but the paper and the Copy section should be more diligent in not letting simple mistakes slip through the cracks.