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ERIKSSON VON ALLMEN: My attendance is not an acceptance of the University’s flaws

(12/12/19 9:46pm)

Like pretty much anything in life, the University is not perfect. I appreciate U.Va. for its knowledgeable and engaging professors, its spirited student body and the beautiful spaces on Grounds. When cheering in the stands at a football game amongst thousands of screaming students clad in orange and blue or while studying in a quiet nook of Alderman library, I often find myself in awe of this community and the wealth of resources it provides students. I am grateful for this college experience that many, due to factors outside of their control, cannot have. But I can love something and still recognize its flaws. 

U.Va. admits 35 percent of applicants for the Class of 2024 in first early decision cycle since 2006

(12/06/19 11:02pm)

The University Office of Undergraduate Admission released its early decision offers for the Class of 2024 Friday evening. The University offered admission to 749 students, or 35 percent of the 2,157 people who participated in the early decision process, which requires accepted students to attend the University and rescind all other college applications.

LAWSON: NATO’s 70th anniversary marks a decisive moment for its future

(12/13/19 3:32pm)

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump and other world leaders convened in London for a NATO summit commemorating the military alliance’s 70th anniversary. As predicted, Trump focused his attention on many member countries’ failure to devote 2 percent of their GDP to national defense — a financial obligation for participants in the alliance. The tense meeting came to a tumultuous end on Wednesday, after footage of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mocking Trump with European leaders came to light. Trump’s abrupt cancellation of the summit’s closing news conference, and his denunciation of Trudeau as “two-faced,” are revealing of the deep-seated disjointedness in the organization. 

No. 5 Virginia vs. No. 7 North Carolina — a breakdown

(12/08/19 7:07pm)

Following its first loss of the season against Purdue Wednesday, No. 5 Virginia is set to face No. 7 North Carolina Sunday in a top-10 ACC showdown at John Paul Jones Arena. With both teams coming off of double digit defeats, the Tar Heels (6-2, 1-0 ACC) and the Cavaliers (7-1, 1-0 ACC) will be looking to respond in what should be a high-intensity conference matchup.

BATSUKH: Sheriffs ought to obey state gun control legislation

(12/09/19 3:16am)

Though landmark Supreme Court cases such as DC v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago have enshrined gun ownership as a fundamental right, gun confiscation has quickly progressed into a defining issue for Americans. Years of claims that “nobody is going to take your guns” have quickly turned into “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15”, exactly as gun rights advocates have warned. 

EDITORIAL: U.Va. can do more to help international students

(12/05/19 1:38am)

Since the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, the number of international students studying at American universities has dropped precipitously. In the 2018-19 academic year, the number of international students declined by 0.9 percent, which “was smaller than declines of 6.6 and 3.3 percent reported the two years prior.” Though there could be a number of reasons for this decline, the Trump administration's restrictive visa policies as well as negative perceptions of the United States’ political environment, have certainly contributed to the problem. 

YOWELL: The United States needs to honor environmental rights

(12/10/19 7:34pm)

As climate change is becoming more prevalent in legal conversations around the world, a growing number of nations have begun subscribing to the idea of “environmental personhood.” The concept aims to grant natural resources various legal protections through new legislation and lawsuits. While this idea seems promising, it is being implemented on too small of a scale. 

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia recommends statewide change to financial distribution

(12/04/19 4:20am)

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia has recommended statewide changes to the model for providing financial aid to Virginia universities. The recommended changes are intended to focus on ensuring that schools with larger populations of low-income students are receiving appropriate aid. 

Diversity at the University's residential colleges

(12/04/19 10:31pm)

In the University’s residential colleges, diversity is created through a holistic process of considering application questions rather than through the explicit consideration of demographics. In other words, rather than use an applicants demographic background to create diversity, diversity is built through different thoughts and ideas that are expressed through the application questions.

K-Edge blends dedication with enthusiasm to create a family of performers

(12/11/19 9:45pm)

Through the community and cultural bonds fostered by “K-Edge,” the University’s first audition-based Korean interest dance group, what started as a typical K-Pop based dance group, has evolved into more. It has become a home for members to unify and celebrate their love and passion for one another, dance and Korean culture, all while nurturing core values of hardwork and discipline.

Fralin committed to showcasing art from underrepresented communities

(12/09/19 4:27am)

 While the field of art is often thought of as a progressive one, social critics — and artists themselves — have long complained of minority groups not being shown their due. A monolithic curation strategy is seen as out of touch and exclusive in a time where diversity is recognized as a strength. Museums and galleries are working to change this. At the University, the Fralin Museum of Art hopes to utilize its extensive historical collection and engage with diverse contemporary artists in order to present a broader range of art.