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Ariana Gueranmayeh

Having a fast-operating laptop in an age where virtual learning has become almost normal is a privilege often taken for granted.
The official Republican Party platform expresses “unanimous” and “enthusiastic” support for the man who caused the Capitol riots, to name one event that has weighed on our minds recently.
Although students should use their rest days to spend time with friends, they have a responsibility to not behave recklessly.
Just last weekend, large numbers of students gathered in the snow at Madison Bowl — many without masks and none observing proper distancing. 
There’s  nothing wrong with students taking the time to explore their interests without University requisites.
A universal credit/no credit policy wouldn’t place us all on an even playing field, but it would recognize that players are no less valuable just because they received Credit.
 “[We] are going to have to tighten our belts,” Jim Ryan announced this past March, “just like other organizations and universities across the country.”
Virginia and Virginia Tech fans experience vastly different football gameday traditions.

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