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Atman Soni

While the new stroke and emergency guidelines take special care to limit COVID-19 spread through hospital visits, experts urge that calling 911 and going to the hospital for necessary treatment are still the best practices in emergencies.
The Health System's emergency room remains open, although patients are only permitted one guest each.
We urge the administration to work diligently to end all the Hospital system's debt collection lawsuits.
Beyond restructuring leadership, the Medical Center must dedicate financial resources to help those whose livelihoods it upturned for the mere offense of being poor. 
A few months ago, the Food and Drug Administration declared the underage use of e-cigarettes to be "an epidemic."
Peabody Hall is home to the University's admissions office.
Although total trips to the emergency room are actually dropping, the price of fees rose 89 percent between 2009 and 2015.
The patient, "Jane Doe," was taken to the University Health System Emergency Room after attempting suicide.

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