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Callie Collins

Boylan Heights is down the street from Trinity Irish Pub on University Ave. 
Tickets to watch the championship game at Boylan Heights cost $50, and include a meal and one drink.
Exclusionary events like these illustrate that there are still financial hoops left to jump through in order to be a part of the U.Va. community.
The Muslim Students Association held a vigil March 18 in memory of victims of the attacks.
The Muslim community yearns to feel that our lives are valued and that when members in our community are massacred, people might take a moment during their day to acknowledge it. 
The vigil ended with a group prayer with several verses from the Quran read aloud.
The mental and emotional turmoil I experienced at the hands of this flightless-bird-glorifying holiday was nearly unbearable.
Johanna Moncada, a third-year College student and founder of Central Americans for Empowerment at U.Va., speaks about the caravan crisis.
Olivia Wilde at a reception after the Biltmore rally
You might need some guidance as to what will happen when you get to the ballot box.

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