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Chandler Collins

Much has been done to reveal the vastly inequitable ways in which single sanction affects U.Va. students.
Students will then be given the choice to opt in to receive a regular letter grade prior to the beginning of the final exam period.
Under the current single-sanction system, a guilty verdict results in the automatic expulsion of the student.
The Honor Committee currently defines an honor offense as “a Significant Act of Lying, Cheating or Stealing” that is “committed with Knowledge.”
Honor is more than simply the academic standard of our University.
Without the bylaw, Honor does not have clear jurisdiction over cases reported to the Title IX office.
The Honor Committee will continue their discussion next Sunday, Jan. 26.
This sentiment of “love it or get out” undermines the quintessentially American value of political dissent. 
We emphatically disagree with their decision to disband the Alternative Sanction Working Group and believe it must be reinstated. 

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