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Farrar Pace

University well-suited, active in blood donations

“Needles don’t really bug me,” said Lauren Odegaard, a first-year in the School of Nursing. Odegaard was just one of many donors who did not mind needles at an ROTC blood drive on March 27th. The event, organized by Kaitlyn McQuade, a fourth-year Nursing student in Army ROTC, collected blood specifically for active military personnel, veterans, and their families, the second such drive McQuade has organized at UVa. McQuade said that she was inspired by an Armed Services Blood Program drive she saw in Washington state while undergoing ROTC training there.

The changing face of student self governance

In fall 2010, the Gooch-Dillard residence area had a problem: the UTS bus schedule was a mess. One frustrated student posted his concerns on, a website run by Student Council that lists student-generated proposals to change University policies, and sent his proposed solution around on the Gooch-Dillard listserv to encourage people to vote for his idea. As the idea quickly became the top post on the website for that month, a UTS subsequently implemented a new, more efficient bus schedule for the Gooch-Dillard area.

	University community members stood on the Lawn’s newly laid grass Wednesday evening to take in the annual end-of-summer tradition

Family values

The family system is a staple of many organizations at the University. By pairing new members with older ones — known as “littles” and “bigs,” respectively — organizations hope to streamline the integration of these new members into the fold.

University faculty's unique community of trust

The Honor Committee’s 2013 bylaws define the “community of trust” to mean “collectively, the students, faculty, administrators, and other members of the University of Virginia community.” But what are faculty members’ roles in this community?

Cornering the Market

The bright-eyed J.R. Hadley could easily be mistaken for a brother in a Rugby Road fraternity, with a baseball cap complementing his calculated 5 o’clock shadow. But Hadley is in a different sort of fraternity — a young corps of up-and-coming business owners on the Corner.

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