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Julianne Saunders

I started to see myself as more than someone’s potential girlfriend, but as a full person in my own right.

Transfer student blues

Contrary to what my initial imposter syndrome would have me believe, my experiences before coming to the University and the work I put into transferring were the things that helped me succeed. 

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My college graduation cap looks nothing like the one I would have made as a high school senior — it represents who I am now.  
 Partaking in fashion trends can be fun, but I no longer feel the pressure to conform to them. 
Both Gibson and Fuller discussed the history of abortion access and ways that states and localities have attempted to restrict abortion rights even before Roe v. Wade was overturned. 
The Audit, Compliance and Risk committee of the BOV is responsible for inspecting the University’s accounts and processes and assessing potential risks for the academic and medical center divisions of the University.
Two University School of Law students joined the meeting via Zoom to present seven proposals for the City to expand  tax relief programs, which provide aid to residents to reduce  tax burdens. 
The final budget adopted by the ordinance totals $212 million. 
Members of the public are encouraged to attend the April 7 budgeting work session, April 12 budget approval meeting and April 18 traditional City Council meeting. 

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