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Kerry Mitchell

	Sophomore left-hander Brandon Waddell came up big for Virginia, pitching a complete game with the Cavaliers facing elimination.


Student-athletes can sometimes seem like entirely different beings: incredibly fit and often-intimidating creatures roaming Grounds in official ACC sweatpants, identifiable by the names and numbers attached to their backpacks. Here’s something crazy, though: they’re humans just like the rest of us – except they’re humans who also happen to perform nearly superhuman feats. Our peers in the Athletics Department balance the same academic pressures as everyone else – then they go out and win for the glory of dear Virginia.

	Playing Ultimate Frisbee, a sport organized around the principle of “Spirit of the Game,” has been about more than learning to throw a wicked flick, columnist Kerry Mitchell writes.

The spirit of the game

Way back in 2010, as a wee first-year, I joined Hydra, UVa’s women’s team. You could say I drank the proverbial Kool-Aid, and lots of it.

	We can’t blame Teven Jones for electing to transfer from Virginia, but we’ll miss him all the same, writes columnist Kerry Mitchell.

A Farewell to Teven

Over 59 games at UVa, fan favorite Teven Jones averaged 1.7 points. The meager stat lines hardly do justice to his impact off the court.

	Derek Jeter and the Yankees lost to the Houston Astros Tuesday in their first game of the season. Major League Baseball is back, and columnist Kerry Mitchell is glad for it.

Leading off: Opening Day 2014

Opening Day is not a national holiday yet – keep at it, Ozzie, I’m with you – but it sure felt like one for baseball fans. Monday alone was full of storylines that, over the course of 162 games, will only get better – or at least, more interesting.

	As redshirt sophomore guard Malcolm Brogdon and the Virginia men’s basketball team get set for the NCAA Tournament, columnist Kerry Mitchell asks whether our college hoops obsession is healthy. Her response? No, but we’ve still got to watch.

Coping with March Madness

On Sunday, the Virginia Cavaliers and the hated Duke Blue Devils were locked in a battle for the ages, and I was reduced to a rabid, shaking wreck on the couch. And for what?

	For columnist Kerry Mitchell, rushing the court after Virginia’s win against Syracuse was a moment to remember.

In a rush

By some combination of luck, good timing, inspired athletic performances, and help from the UVA Shots system, I’ve managed to rush something ­— the court, the field — each of my four years here.

In defense of Shaun White

In 2006, “Il Pomodoro Volante” — known to us non-Italians as Shaun White — took the world by storm. Iconic red hair flying, White dominated the competition at the Turin Winter Olympics and took home his first gold medal. His celebrity and the hype surrounding him grew, and in 2010 he responded with a repeat performance. White was introduced to the public as a kid with long hair and immense talent. Now, some years later, he is an adult. The hair is gone, the talent remains and one new ingredient has been added: a legion of snowboarding frenemies.

Why Michael Sam shouldn't be a headline

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The candy section at Kroger has taken a turn for the heart-shaped; the cheesy jewelry ads are out in full force, and the less festive of us just want to fast forward through the whole ordeal. But this year, that’s not an option. Valentine’s Day and the week leading up to it coincide with events much bigger than chocolate hearts.

Monday night ice

It’s Monday night. A handful of people are milling about the Main Street Arena lobby. Some head to the bar, while others congregate around the ice. Two men carefully prep the ice and line up equipment along the edges of the rink. Finally, once the ice is deemed ready, everyone wearing snow boots, boat shoes and sneakers steps onto the ice for the big event: curling.

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