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Lexie Gagnon

“Overall, I discourage synchronous classes and office hours. Students shouldn’t expect us to offer them opportunities to get education.
With summer in full swing, these songs bring the good energy to help you cruise into the new season.
The University should make a point to stand away from the crowd by pulling back at least a portion of the curtain that veils financial aid and admissions.
The significance of love consists of more than showering someone in gifts — it’s about surprising someone in small ways. 
While many fans are thrilled at the rumored casting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, others are concerned by the selection of yet another conventionally attractive, white, British male. 
My mother explained to me how, for her, cooking meals is not just about nourishment — it’s a gesture of love and respect for someone she loves. 
Occurring between May 6 and May 12, this week, named “U.Va. Spirit Week,” aims to celebrate all that is “U.Va.” 
The stories of all of our Virginia predecessors are important, but the most fascinating ones are of the famed. 
With an influx in free time on the horizon for University students, many will have the opportunity to partake in the activities they lost touch with during the school year.

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