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Mariam Seshan

Three members of the Class of 2024 reflect on the strongest and most memorable parts of Virginia athletics during their time at the University. 
Many of the celebrities we know and love today were once lowly students roaming around Grounds.
Swift’s lyrics are equally despairing and forthright, juxtaposing the usual poetic sorrow of her signature ballad with a newfound honesty that transcends the bounds of her usual storytelling capabilities.
The album excels in variability, switching flow, pace and overall vibe several times — making for a completeness that is highly sought but rarely achieved in the industry.
I infused the cheesecake with green tea powder, giving the cake a beautiful green hue and a subtle earthy flavor. 
Here is a compilation of sweet and salty inventions that my friends and I enjoy — all from the comfort of our dorms. 
After starting on February 14th, you may just be inspired to incorporate time into your regular schedule to keep the ball rolling and focus on you.
According to Nguyen, fast fashion keeps up with current styles, remaining an ideal shopping choice for students.  
I pulled the trench coat over my shoulders, angled the fedora at a slight crook on my head and stepped out into the world. 
In the era of the Eras Tour and “Taylor’s Version” re-recordings, Taylor Swift is more visible than ever, and “Swiftie” has become somewhat of a loaded term.

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