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Thomas Roades

Billy McFarland speaks at a 2014 Magnises event. 

Hulu outdoes Netflix in Fyre Festival faceoff

Netflix’s “Fyre” and Hulu’s “Fyre Fraud,” which were both released last week, dig into a staggering network of fraud and deception with Billy McFarland as the sociopathic, incompetent con artist at the center of it all.

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Ty Zirkle, a third-year College student and Student Council Vice President for Organizations, speaks on Young Americans for Freedom's CIO status.
Sydney Bradley, third-year College student and co-chair of Student Council's Academic Affairs committee, presents the College's new low-enrollment policy.
Bryanna Miller said there will be no mass cuts of classes or departments in connection with the College's new policy on low-enrollment classes.
Class of 2017 alumnus Daniel McGovern announced the Nov. 10 opening of the University Remembrance Garden at the Student Council meeting Tuesday evening.
Michael Horth, a third-year Commerce student and Student Council's chief financial officer, introduces the budget at the podium.
The Executive Board also welcomed newly elected members from the first-year and transfer representative elections, which concluded Sept. 21. 
Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer teaching his graduate-level politics class at the University of Virginia.
Matthew Smythe and Scott Aebersold, the University Dining director and marketing director, respectively, announced the partnership and discussed their goals for innovating the dining program, partnering with the local community and soliciting student feedback. 
Student Council President Sarah Kenny was only allowed to speak to Dean of Admissions Gregory Roberts in the investigation.

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