Safety first

Jefferson created U.Va. as a separate entity from Charlottesville. When the City proposed that the free trolley run through the University's Central Grounds, the students were livid. While the trolley is a great opportunity to allow students to get beyond Grounds and explore the Downtown Mall, the trolley is free, allowing just anyone to route directly through the heart of U.Va. Who are the ones riding for free? Why are they riding the trolley? Where are they going?

Education is one of the most important elements of our lives whether or not we realize it or want to admit it. I believe education should be available to all and ideally at no cost. The U.Va. libraries are free and open to members of the Charlottesville community. But why are they coming to the libraries? Are the community members really coming here to get educated or to do research? I know of a handful that do. Many have heard of the alleged library sexual harassment incident(s), and it would be a shame to close the libraries to the Charlottesville community and deepen the ever-present divide between Charlottesville community members and U.Va. students. Unfortunately, it only takes one person to ruin it for everybody (the greater community of Charlottesville, that is). Could we possibly have swipe access to libraries after 8 p.m.? I'm willing to gamble a relationship with Charlottesville for student safety, especially for that of women.

Libraries are a safe haven, a place of learning. Once you settle down in your favorite spot, you shouldn't have to be concerned with anything else - this means getting checked out or being the victim of inappropriate comments. Women should not have to deal with sexual harassment in libraries; we should not be thinking, "I hope no one makes an inappropriate comment, gives me a look, or I catch someone looking at my rear."

It saddens me that there are people in our society who think that it's permissible to treat women so poorly. The more reports, the better: The police will be responsive and take action. If there's no official report, it's simply hearsay among us.\n\nLauren Ulmer\nARC III

Published November 19, 2009 in Letters, Opinion

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Sean Cannan
(11/19/09 8:26pm)

Lauren, just a few comments and a few facts maybe you were not aware of:

1. UVA is a PUBLIC school, and a STATE university. This is NOT the Ivy League.

2. UVA students, in just the last few years, have: stabbed and murdered a Charlottesville volunteer firefighter on 14th. and Wertland, been arrested for kidnapping and ransom demands, been arrested for child porn at Hench dorm, been the subject of dozens of sexual assault accusations, and face multiple felony charges for assaulting police officers at the football game a few weeks ago.

3. If it were not for the Charlottesville community, who exactly would it be that would be cleaning your bathrooms, mowing your lawns, and sweeping your floors in the dorms, libraries, and buildings on Grounds? You can't seriously be suggesting that you would EVER do it yourselves, right?

4. PVCC has over 5000 students now, also at a public, state funded school. Many transfer to UVA, and we have very limited library and computer resources at our school with limited hours (although I will add that our free software availability and IT support is better than at UVA). The public computers at UVA libraries account for a small proportion of the total and are rarely all in use. Some of the rest of us work for or with UVA offices in various projects. I have heard a UVA student myself say something very inappropriate at PVCC while taking classes there to get his grades up and be allowed to re-enroll at UVA. But it never once occurred to me that PVCC should try and ban all UVA students. Please try and play nice with others as you were hopefully taught in kindergarten.

Trust me, you do NOT want to compare how much you have put into the Virginia state tax coffers by working, or paid out in tuition YOURSELF, or military service to the state/country with PVCC students!! Same could be said of the Charlottesville community at large.

5. Even if there appears to be one deranged man with psychological and/or emotional problems in a wheel chair (maybe you could try to imagine yourself being in a wheel chair for 40 years, hmm?), your suggestion that all "townies" must be banned from campus is as silly and useless as suggesting that Charlottesville City Council forbid the movement of UVA students off campus due to the rather bad record students have amassed. Ask ANY bar owner downtown.

6. Women are not more important than men, and neither are more important than children. And UVA Students are not more important or better than anyone else. Elitism and the presumption of superiority based on gender, race, age, or your student ID card is ugly, Lauren. Your comments are inappropriate also.

7. If you are really all that annoyed if men look at your body, perhaps you could start dressing like one of the many Mennonite or Muslim female students we have at PVCC. I think that would help you with that terrible problem that causes you so much distress.

(11/19/09 8:39pm)

While your points that the Charlottesville community also gives back to the University are certainly true, this is a bit of a straw man argument and does not assess the actual point of the article, which I inferred was some that there should be means to restrict access to the library for legitimate patrons at night. She simply said "swipe access," not UVA student ID, which I'm sure would include a PVCC ID, although you seemed to take issue with this idea. I'm also hopeful that any sort of swipe system would allow legitimate patrons who do not have a University affiliated ID to also gain access.

Frankly, I agree with Lauren that preventing harassment of any students is worth more than the hurt feelings of Charlottesville residents not affiliated with the University. Also, you may want to act less defensive about being a PVCC student, I know there are many hard working students there who hope to transfer in, but there was absolutely no mention of the school in the article, so your hostility seems a bit unwarranted. For the record, I am a "townie"

Sean Cannan
(11/19/09 10:32pm)


Since this man has not been identified, she has no idea - along with the rest of us - whether he is or is not "legitimate" or part of UVA's staff or not. She is making a typical yet totally incorrect presumption that all trouble comes from outside of UVA's community. I simply figured it would do some good to remind her that trouble comes from all places, people, and backgrounds.

She's the one who arrogantly stated that "it only takes one to ruin it for everybody" and made the presumption that this man is from outside UVA faculty/staff/student community despite have no idea who he is whatsoever (like the rest of us). Last time I checked, the UVA community included black men, middle aged people, and even handicapped people. So she's making a presumption about one person, and then going as far as to take her one woman trial and conviction and impose an illegal restriction of Virginia taxpayers and students using public school libraries. It has nothing to do with any "hurt feelings."

If indeed it only took one, I daresay Walter Sisk's parents would have lobbied city council to ban UVA students from leaving grounds after their son was murdered by a UVA frat boy - who later got away with it with a slap on the wrist (of course). Or maybe the UVA police officer (another Townie!) I was talking to a few weeks back would confine every UVA student to their dorms, houses, and apartments every weekend 24/7 after his officer was punched in the face and wrestled to the ground while arresting a UVA student for public drunkenness.

But it doesn't "only take one." Or two. Or whatever.

People of various shades, genders, and colors have said any number of inappropriate things to me around here over the last few years. Some UVA folks, some not. And that included plenty of racial, and sexist BS. But, amazing as this may seems, I never once thought we should restrict the movements of UVA students (although I am glad the Law school finally got banned from having parties at a few local downtown watering holes).

It's kinda "funny," aint it Mr. Ombud, how much coverage this story has gotten, and how little (none) there's been in the Cav Daily regarding the reports about the Harrington disappearance that put a few of her last sightings in the company of UVA students by U Hall and on the West Lawn at 3:45 am with 3 men - huh? Have you read The Hook article about that this week yet?

Compare and contrast the reaction to some bozo saying a few stupid things to a few UVA gals on the one hand, and a VT woman vanishing just after being seen stumbling around with some UVA folks. There's been plenty of coverage about her being missing, which is great, but not a word in the CD about the UVA folks she MIGHT have been with that night. Who are they? What's the story? Why would ANYONE be hiding anything or anyone's identity? Why has not one of these several men come forward and publicly explain the details of their interaction with whomever that night? I daresay that every minute detail of Harrington's last movements, even if they were with "legitimate" UVA guys, are far more important right now than some old dude who can't even walk saying "hey baby" to someone..

Looks to me like some "legitimate" people are getting a free ride here, and attention being switched to this other guy who I doubt can do much damage to anyone from his wheelchair.

Care to comment on that one?

Easy there, Tom Wolfe
(11/19/09 11:37pm)

Sean, You have a terribly aggressive attitude as well as a gift for prolific prose and apparently not too much PVCC homework to take up your time tonight. Nothing in the comment directed towards you was aggressive or personal at all, yet you decided to respond in a way that that does very little to encourage discussion. The Cavalier Daily is a college newspaper published by University students, so obviously it is going to have a slant towards that demographic. Do you think the Cavalier Daily has some sort of agenda in not publishing details about Morgan Harrington because they feel it would damage the University? Frankly, that suggestion is rather preposterous, and to take off my adult mask for a second, I would say that every other PVCC student I have ever met has been a great hardworking person, usually with aspirations of either transferring into UVA or some other 4 year university but I have to say that you sound like a bit of a bitter jerk.

A. Baker
(11/20/09 12:22am)

I would hope that the UVA students reading this article have also read the latest email sent out by Dean Groves. Many of these 'Alderman Creeps' are really just a result of hysteria and people being part of many list-serves. There has been no report of a man staring at females in the stacks repeatedly. Once, yes, but the time before that was in October. These people left quietly when asked to by campus police.\nThe University Library System does not just serve college students either, making a card swipe idea quite difficult. As an employee of the library, I have registered high school students all the way from Lynchburg who were directed to UVA's libraries by their teachers. There are many 'townies' that don't have proper access to computers, and yes, although many UVA students may want to deny it, townies also like to read. \nSafety is very important, obviously. In that regard, the best thing to do is report anything suspicious immediately to the circulation or reference staff in any library. They're informed about what people can and can not come into the library because of loss of privilege.

(11/20/09 1:23am)

@Sean Cannan, it's a pity that you fell into the predictable trap of stating that the University of Virginia is not in the Ivy League. That's probably the most common comment from townies, Hokies, and just about anyone else who wants to say something they really think will hurt a Wahoo's feelings.

But just to educate you on the subject, many Ivy League schools have urban campuses that offer a number of wonderful services to the community around them. Have you ever taken a course at Harvard Extension School? They're open to anyone in Boston and beyond. Have you ever heard of the University of Pennsylvania's School of General Studies? Thousands of "townies" take classes there.

So while I agree that the University should continue its many efforts to open itself up to the Charlottesville community (School of Continuing Studies ring a bell? How bout the fact that C-ville senior citizens can take U-Va. classes for free?) you are insulting both to U-Va. and the Ivy League when you insinuate that either are "elitist" and it certainly seems you've never looked into how much the University gives back to the Charlottesville community at large.

Also, get your facts straight about Harrington. She has never been confirmed to have been seen with U-Va. students. The men she was with had a camper parked in the trailer lot by JPJ. U-Va. students live in Charlottesville... they do not need campers. The last time she was seen by more than one witness was when she was hitching at the corner of 250 and Copeley. Sounds like a TOWNIE picked her up, doesn't it? You're providing points for the wrong side.

(As for being seen on the Lawn, by one witness, she was also seen the next morning at Sheetz in Orange County, by one witness. Can we agree to accept as fact only instances where she was seen by more than one witness? That puts her hitchhiking on 250, getting in the car of any ol' townie who pulls up.)

Ben (Townie)

(11/20/09 2:54am)

PS - after Sean Cannan was so intense about his misplaced contempt for the U-Va. community, I almost forgot what I had to say to Lauren Ulmer... and that is, what planet do you live on?

If you feel threatened by a man in a wheelchair who looks at you the wrong way, what chance do you have of surviving the world after you leave U-Va.? Have you ever been to Richmond? Washington DC? Philadelphia? God forbid, New York City??

I tend to think that you're in much greater danger of being raped at a frat party than harmed by an old man in a wheelchair, but in either case you should carry your mace and camera/phone with you, and always be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Charlottesville is not Farmville. It has a small urban core of poor neighborhoods between The Corner and the Downtown Mall, and this is a good opportunity for you to get acquainted for what life will be like after you graduate and take a job in a much larger city. Think of Charlottesville as the "training wheels" version of the city you'll be in next.

Banning townies from the libraries after 8pm is a terrible idea.

Ben\nCLAS 1999\n(and Townie)

Aaron Landsman
(11/20/09 5:01am)

I am a bouncer and long time local. I work on the Corner lately and find that most of the U.Va. students are decent kids, aside from a few fake I.D.s and the occasional elitist attitude. I ride the trolley to get to work. I go to any library to read. I have been a resident of Charlottesville for 18 years. I went to Towson State. Sean is a good dude, if a bit acerbic. Divisive attitudes and behaviour are our real problems. We should get over it.

Sean Cannan
(11/20/09 9:05pm)

It's really remarkable how many people there are around here that leave insulting remarks about someone, yet somehow forget to attach their own name to their own words, isn't it?

I've just read my two comments here again, and I stand by them. I wasn't insulting Lauren by pointing out a few facts that she obviously was not aware of. Nor was I attacking her by challenging a few of the things she wrote. She's an adult now, and I daresay she can handle a little debate. At least I hope so. Reminding people that nobody is more important than anyone else does not make me the bad guy. And reminding her that she should play well with others and not apply group guilt to her entire surroundings doesn't make me anything other than someone taking on prejudice and elitism.

I don't hate UVA. I'm actually quite thankful it's here. I have dozens of good friends who now or in the recent past have attended or worked at UVA. I have assisted a few UVA organizations with a few projects. I have spilled my blood defending a UVA professor - a close friend - from an attacker on the downtown mall. I share a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with a female UVA undergraduate student. I coach a city Little League team with a UVA professor. I have shared a bed with three female UVA students who were all way over my head in the body, mind, and soul departments. I love the AFC, the JPJ, and all the libraries. I have volunteered hundreds of hours with a UVA fellowship. I attend UVA soccer, hoops, and football games and sing the good ole song with my alumni tailgate buddies. I am not the one being defensive here, folks!

But this is not about me, or Lauren, or some dude saying nasty stuff from his wheelchair. This is about a very nasty cover up that the Cavalier Daily is actively playing a part in. The coverage of this "story" and others is a diversion away from the really big, breaking story of how details of Morgan Harrington's last few sightings the night she vanished have been hushed up so as to not cast "The University" in a bad light. And if I am the only one who finds it revolting, than so be it.

Yes, Mr. anonymous poster above, I DO you think the Cavalier Daily has some sort of agenda in not publishing details about Morgan Harrington because they feel it would damage the University. It isn't a preposterous suggestion, it is a direct accusation. I have challenged the ombudsman to comment on why these details printed in The Hook (props to them) somehow never made it onto the pages of the Cav Daily. He doesn't seem to be as eager to respond to those questions as he was to defend Lauren, now is he?

There is a well established policy at UVA to promote the "The University" as a happy, serene, and elegant place of higher learning. Fair enough. But when that includes covering up things, especially when the cover up involves details of a missing woman's last whereabouts, then I simply say that it is unacceptable. It's not that this is new, of course. A UVA police officer can be assaulted by a drunk student facing multiple felony charges. Not a word of it was printed in the CD. That's bad for UVA's image. A male student committed suicide last semester, but that story was buried in a little blurb article on page 3 or 4. Get it?

Now we have the saturation coverage of a missing woman that somehow has avoided any whisper of the facts that some people clearly do not want others to know:

1. Morgan Harrington was reported by multiple witnesses to have been in the company of UVA basketball players near U-Hall the night she vanished. Since then, one of the players has taken an "indefinite leave of absence," and another has been suspended for three games for "conduct detrimental to the team."

2. A woman who delivers papers on the Lawn has reported seeing Harrington in the company of three men at 3:45 am. Students who live in the area have decided to remain anonymous and not speak publicly about it. None of the three men (nor the woman) spotted that night have come forward to explain anything.

Now then, do I know if these sightings are accurate - or if there is any connection to any of it to Morgan's disappearance? Of course I don't. But what I DO know is this. It took nearly a MONTH for these details to be printed in The Hook, and they have never appeared in the Cav Daily at all - in spite of the great number of articles and OTHER details that they have printed at length that, curiously, did NOT suggest that she interacted with UVA folks that night.


If this isn't a cover up protecting "The University," then what exactly is the reason these very important details were hushed up until now? How on earth could these details ever have been considered "not news" by anyone, anywhere!?

Who wants to bet that this cover up did not emanate from the basement of newcomb? Who wants to bet that the guy up on Carr's Hill has been rather active in keeping things from view? And what the hell are these folks on the Lawn and in the athletics department using for an excuse for not coming forward publicly and explaining every detail they can remember from that night? I don't care what coke and sex party was happening, or whatever else. Nobody will care. THAT is the stuff going on all over the place that is NOT NEWS. All that matters right now is getting every imaginable detail out and about in the hope that one shred of it might help find this poor girl.

TO HELL with keeping a good face on "The University," and to hell with those who are just protecting themselves.

So lets hear it, Mr. Ombudsman. Do your job. Explain to all of us why NONE of this has appeared in the Cavalier Daily in the past month. \nWho are you protecting? \nOn behalf of who? \nHas anyone approached the editors and told them not to print these details? Who? \nWhy?

Maybe we need a refresher course here:

"This institution will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind. For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it." Thomas Jefferson.\n \nThere. Anybody have any questions? I answer questions. We'll see if the Ombudsman does soon enough. I may be the most defensive, aggressive, contemptuous, acerbic (I had to look that one up, Aaron), uneducated, bitter jerk in Virginia - but I'm still the one asking the questions that need to be answered. And it's long overdue.

Sean Cannan.

(11/20/09 9:34pm)

Sean Cannon,

1) While it's true that U-Va. basketball players saw her that night partying in the camper lot where her purse was found, they weren't in her company and she was with 3 white males who were there with the camper. A University spokesman has already answered this "2+2=5" connection you made between the leave of absence, the 3-game suspension, and Morgan Harrington... there was no connection. Do you honestly think that Tony Bennett would suspend a player for 3 games if he had something to hide about a potential murder? Think about what you're saying here... it doesn't make any sense.

2) Wrong again. The students who live in those Lawn rooms have already stated on the record that none of them were even in Charlottesville on that night. Those particular rooms were empty.

Sorry to say, you sound like a townie who is trying to deflect some blame for the disappearance from the town of Charlottesville to the University. Fact check: the last confirmed sighting by more than one witness has her hitchhiking at the corner of Copeley and 250, waiting for some nice "townie" to pick her up.

I don't want to tarnish the name of C-ville anymore than the name of U-Va. but so far the facts lead to Harrington being in the presence of a Charlottesville local that night, or at least someone driving through town... not likely a U-Va. student (a U-Va. student could have picked her up when she was hitchhiking, but there are clearly far more townies driving that street on a given night than students).

Please start paying more attention to what you see in the news before you make colorful accusations and assumptions. Thanks in advance.

Ben \nC-villian\nCLAS 1999

(11/20/09 11:09pm)

Sean, I am not actually the ombudsman of the CD, I just felt like posting under that name as a generalized ombudsman, not an actual attempt to mislead you into thinking I was the CD ombudsman, apologies for the confusion. But on another note, you are really changing the tone of the Hook article by taking certain sections out of context. I read the article, and it's far less damning of the University than you make it seem, in fact, I would say it's not damning at all. Your conspiracy theory seems a bit misplaced in this instance. I think as a representation of the University of Virginia, the CD might have a little less leeway when it comes to printing less substantiated evidence than the Hook which could explain why they did not have this coverage, although I don't really have any idea and neither do you. The basketball theory has already been dismissed and I do think it will be interesting to see if anything pans out with the newspaper delivery woman at the Lawn, but perhaps it has not been publicized by the CD yet because they are trying to determine the reliability of the witness, the Hook seemed to harp on that issue pretty strongly in a way that I thought was a bit suggestive.

Sean Cannan
(11/21/09 1:16am)

Ben, the best I can do in responding to your ludicrous suggestion that I am somehow rooting for members of one group or another being caught in something illegal is..................duh. I don't care who the hells name is tarnished or what group of people they belong to if something, anything can be of use in solving this terrible mystery. I'm a big UVA hoops fan, so if anything my bias, if I had any, would be to get two good players back on the court. See my comments above where I was stating that nobody is better than anyone else, and that trouble comes from all types of people. Your placing of bets as to whether a townie or a student might have picked her up on Ivy is childish.

Indeed, a university spokesWOMAN has said regarding the two basketball players' suspensions that “these actions are in no way connected to Morgan’s disappearance.” Note the word "disappearnace" instead of the word "case." A syntax error? maybe. A very careful, legal, and PR choice of words? Maybe. Howsabout Bennett, Wood, Sene, Tucker, and Littlepage simply come out and publicly say that none of it has anything to do with the CASE. Simple, no? But here we are about a month later, and no dice. Indeed, it took way to long for these details to emerge in the first place. Details that have STILL not been printed in the Cav Daily. All we can do is see how it pans out. I have no idea who is guilty of anything, naturally. I actually hope the players are totally innocent and are back playing again soon. But there are some things here that just don't make sense.

One of the students on the lawn spoke publicly to the Hook. Props to him. But others are not responding and clearly telling the media not to even write their names. And none of the 4 people spotted at 3:45 am have come forward to simply explain who they are and who they were with. Hmm.. It doesn't add up, now does it..? Why doesn't the student in the room where those 4 were seen leaving simply explain who they were, or indeed deny that anyone was there at all? Why all this secrecy? And WHY did it take nearly a MONTH for all this to appear in a newspaper?

And btw, Ben, stop advertising your silly gossip website here. It's not the time nor place for it.

Ombud, grow a pair and post using your name. I daresay the real Ombudsman may just have trouble avoiding my questions one way or the other. Alas, they are not really MY questions, but the questions I think most everyone should be asking now. See the Hook comment thread on the story. IF the CD or anyone else lifted a finger to suppress one iota of information or delay it coming out, they need to come forward and admit it, apologize, and explain why they did it. The only acceptable excuse I can think of for doing so would be if the police asked them to. This isn't about a witch hunt or trying to protect anyone still safe and sound. This is about getting ALL the information out ASAP so that something, anything can help.

Tragically, it appears that this has not happened over the past few weeks. And quite frankly, we should all be outraged that it's taken this long.

(11/21/09 5:44am)

Sean Cannan, I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here and be cordial, but what the hell? I've never advertised a "gossip website" here or any website for that matter. What are you talking about?

And your idiotic suggestion about the basketball team somehow being related to Morgan's disappearance is shameful. They ARE part of the case, because they are a few out of dozens of eye witnesses.

Are you really that obtuse? C'mon, man. You've got to be smarter than that.

Ben\nCLAS 1999

Sean Cannan
(11/21/09 3:26pm)

Ben, Cvillain was/is a local gossip website last time I checked. You put it under your (truncated) name. If it means something else, I don't know what it would mean. No biggie.

Neither you nor me know who is and who is not under suspicion here. But you seem to be really leaning towards presuming that nobody affiliated with UVA could possibly be doing anything wrong - and that includes hushing up some details. I'm making no such presumptions about anyone.

Truth be told, I got really angry when I casually read the hook article on Thursday, as there was all this new information that took a month to come out - and it "just so happened" that UVA folks were involved in all the new stuff. I think that's a fair criticism of anyone who kept things hushed up because it might cast a shadow of a few students. That's all. You have to admit that if indeed it was random, that's quite a coincidence.

When I was a kid, one of my father best friends' daughter vanished. A gal I sorta grew up with on summer holidays (they lived far away). She was about Morgan's age, blond, and was hitchhiking. Her mother (my mom's dear friend) had already died of cancer when I was about 10. I remember the late night phone calls to our house with her hysterical father saying he needed to come to nyc and search every strip club and brothel for her if that's what it took. Years later, a hunter found what was left of her in the woods near where she vanished. Her father never really recovered in the classical sense. He died last year pretty much incapacitated mentally.

Forgive me if this whole thing really hits home for me and has dredged up some very bad, old memories. I got really angry about the possibility of a cover up in information to protect certain people. I'll say it nicer this time, but the witnesses and the Cav Daily need to stand up and fess up to everything asap. It may just provide one tiny little clue that could bring a better end to this story than the one I just told you.

My heart really goes out to the Harringtons.

(11/21/09 7:54pm)

Sean, I put "C-villian" under my name, which is simply a resident of C-ville. Notice the difference in spelling between "C-villian" and "cVillain". I am not a villain. ;)

Did you even read what I wrote? I said a U-Va. student could have possibly picked her up but the odds seem to be that a townie did. In no way did I "presume that nobody affiliated with UVA could possibly be doing anything wrong."

You are grasping at straws about me.

And U-Va. folks were not "involved in all the new stuff." Unless U-Va. owns Sheetz in Orange County, the last place she was spotted by a single witness? The various police forces working on this don't include single witness accounts in their timeline for very good reason. Experience has proven it unreliable in most cases. But know that they say they are checking out every lead as much as possible.. I for one believe them.

My heart goes out to the Harringtons too... I helped post her missing posters throughout Charlottesville including U-Va. and the Downtown Mall. I know you have the best intentions here, but the police doesn't appear to be "covering up" anything, they simply can't include single-witness stories as fact when so many of them end up being remembered incorrectly by the witnesses.

Let's all hope police do not give up their search, and Morgan is found safe!

Ben \nTownie,\nCLAS 1999

Jonah Takalua
(11/22/09 9:57pm)

Sean Cannan,

It sickens me how you attempt to twist every op/ed or letter to the editor into some bitter argument that only serves your selfish and hostile opinions. You do so by insulting bona fide comments and then hiding behind rhetorical smoke and mirrors. If anyone speaks against you, you imply that there is a cover up or someone is trying to silence your right to free speech. You also make borderline libelous comments, e.g. the suggestion that the basketball team has something to do with Morgan's disappearance.

I believe that you are hypocritically using a pseudonym yourself. If not, you are tremendously stupid. You do know that these comments will show up in any google search run by a potential employer.

Please find a new hobby that does not involve you defecating your inane and ignorant effluvia on the CD comment boards.

Sean Cannan
(11/23/09 12:35am)

Jonah, as twisted, selfish, hostile, insulting, libelous, hypocritical, stupid, defecating, and ignorant as you say I am (Hi, btw..) - it seems you can only come up one one solitary example of me being so.. And this means you're batting zero.

If you had actually read, or perhaps comprehended, any of my comments above - you would see numerous passages where I state quite clearly that obviously none of us have any idea who is responsible for anything, and that I hope everyone on the basketball team is innocent of anything and everything and can be back on the court helping the team ASAP. Even IF they were among the last to see her doesn't mean they were at all involved in her disappearance any more than the other witnesses quoted in the article.

My only reason for repeating info already printed in The Hook (not the Cav Daily) was/is to ask how it is that it took some info a almost a month to appear while other details did not. I'm not the only one doing so by a long shot, so you may just have to start hating on a whole lot of people soon.

I have no need to respond by calling you a bunch of silly names or any such thing. But I can say that given inaccurate post just hating on me for whatever reason - I am as happy to be sickening to you as I am to attach my name to phrases like "play nice with others, nobody is better than anyone else, don't cover up or withhold reporting important information in a missing persons investigation on behalf of anyone, never apply group guilt, and always care for your fellow humans."

But this isn't about me, or you, or Ben, or whomever. Pretend I'm an elderly woman posting under an assumed name from Fiji if it makes you feel better. And please try and read a bit more carefully.


Jonah Takalua
(11/23/09 4:24pm)


Hi back. For your edification, this is not the only comment of yours that I have read. I see you on these boards quite a bit and I'm starting to get a feel for you viewpoint.

So that you don't think I'm deflecting, I'm going to address your points about a lack of transparency in the investigative process. Don't you think there could be a reason for holding back information that's not sinister? I believe that the point of policework is to find the culprit of a crime; passing on every bit of information to the community is a secondary priority. I understand that this is a personal issue for you but sometimes muckracking does more harm than good.

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(06/01/10 10:47pm)

Hey Lauren, you still think there couldn't POSSIBLY be somebody violent or threatening within the oh so prestigious UVA community ?? And that nobody therein would EVER cover up threatening and/or violent behavior by one of YOUR OWN ?? a good laugh today when some anonymous clown in The Hook still trying to defend Casteen linked to this. This article is a hilarious read nowadays. Even more than when it was written.

(06/03/10 2:52am)

I think it's good to have conversations in forums: if newspapers would have encouraged and published more letters-to-the-editors in their print editions, maybe they would have sold more copies and sold more ads?!

However, when your points are too extreme, it makes it hard for people to take you too seriously.

I've been going to Alderman Library for almost 40 years. Is it dangerous? No. If someone was going to attack a female student, they wouldn't do it inside a library.

The only unusual thing I can recall was back in the 1980's, when someone was sneaking up behind female students, cutting off clumps of their hair, and running away! I don't remember if the person was caught or not. That was sad, and it was never determined if it was a student, employee, or townsperson.

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