Delta Gamma faces investigation

National organization, Inter-Sorority Council, University express disapproval with sorority following online leak of alleged spirit song

The national organization for Delta Gamma sorority announced yesterday that it is investigating the Virginia chapter's alleged email correspondence which contains sexually explicit content and denigrates other sororities, fraternities and groups on Grounds.

The investigation comes after alleged lyrics of a Delta Gamma recruitment spirit song were leaked Wednesday by a blogger after a sorority sister emailed it to an unintended recipient.

The lyrics contain references to underage drinking and sexual promiscuity, taunts of first-year students rushing Inter-Sorority Council sororities, insults to other sororities and their members, and allusions to drug usage in several University fraternities.

"Delta Gamma does not condone disparaging statements regarding any [National Panhellenic Conference] group, potential/current members of NPC groups or other student organizations," the national organization said in a statement.

Delta Gamma President Katie Corradini, who was the email's intended recipient, said she had spoken to all of the other Inter-Sorority Council presidents as of yesterday and apologized.

She said the lyrics were a spirit song parody written by one sister to amuse that sister's friends and were never intended to serve as Delta Gamma's spirit song.

"Delta Gamma takes this very seriously," Corradini said. "We do not endorse anything that was in the lyrics and they are not in line with our values."

She said the author would be held accountable for her actions by a confidential process within the sorority.

Dean Michael Citro, director of Fraternity & Sorority Life, acknowledged that the University is aware of the incident, but said that the sorority and its national organization is handling it internally.

"The language used [in the lyrics] was distasteful and certainly not representative of the Greek community at the University as a whole," Citro said in an email.

The ISC also released a statement yesterday regarding the Delta Gamma lyrics, saying that it "neither supports the language nor the tone of the spirit songs" and also "does not condone the use of these songs during the recruitment process."

The ISC did not respond to an email requesting further comment.

Student interviews suggest the incident may not negatively affect the rush process for Delta Gamma. When a reporter raised the subject to three first-year girls participating in rush, they asked not to be identified in the newspaper because they still wished to rush the sorority.


Published January 20, 2012 in News

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Laughing at the SRAT Hoes
(01/20/12 3:59pm)

This comment has been removed as it violates portions of our comment policy relating to libelous and offensive statements. Thank you.

God this is stupid
(01/20/12 7:29pm)

Well I hope whoever leaked this is proud of themselves, most likely just another anti-greek hipster who couldn't make it to first rounds. Just goes to show the caliber of the Cav Daily. If it wasn't for "scandals" on rugby road they'd have nothing to print.

(01/20/12 7:50pm)

..and Babs Jansen pipes in to spit on the peasants digitally.. =o)

Would somebody please post the song?

(01/21/12 7:49am)

First years are getting a sneak preview of what they can expect if they join a sorority like dg.

(01/22/12 6:26am)

what kind of paper prints that lyrics were leaked without printing the lyrics or how to find them? Oh yeah, this isn't a real paper. Sorry, I forgot.

Good on the Sorority Sisters for denying any wrongdoing. Everyone knows that any criticism of the Greek lifestyle is only due to jealousy. They are right to look down on everyone else anyway. Nothing to apologize for.

who cares?
(02/02/12 4:14am)


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