Edgar helps poor, out-of-shape and parentally oppressed students. What’s not to love?

Dear Mr. Poe,
There I was, feeling like a new woman as I supped in the Newcomb dining hall, when I realized I was 10 meal swipes down and had 10 extra pounds to show for it. I was so good about fitting in AFC time in the fall, but this semester it seems like I barely have time for homework, let alone working out. Any ideas?
Too Tired for Treadmill

Dear Too Tired for Treadmill,
Dining hall food has the unfortunate tendency to be neither appetizing nor healthy. You get the worst of both worlds as you frantically taste-search throughout Newcomb for something enjoyable. On the plus side, you get to burn off some of the calories desperately wandering around the dining hall for something you actually want to eat. Try to opt for a salad or wrap instead of some of the greasier options the dining hall has to offer. And though you may not be able to fit in time to go to the gym, there are a lot of ways you can get a workout in without having to fight 20 people for an elliptical machine at the AFC. Walk to class instead of taking the bus, and for all you party animals out there — go hard on the dance floor next Friday. Not only will you rage like a star, but you’ll start to look like one too.
Power through,

Dear E,
I was pretty good about minding my money last semester, but this semester I find I’m running way over budget. I wanted to get to know some new people, but it turns out that means a lot more lunching on the Corner and a lot less balancing of my checkbook. How can I still go out with friends and not wind up in debtors prison?
Destitute in Dorms

Dear Destitute in Dorms,
As desperate as we all are to escape to the Corner for some variety, it can start to add up if you are also paying for a dining plan. Luckily, U.Va. Dining opts for quantity over quality, so you have a lot of different dining options on Grounds. Suggest meeting up at O-Hill brunch for your next get together instead of venturing all the way to Bodo’s – few people turn down O-Hill brunch. Offer to guest swipe your upperclassman friends into a dining hall for lunch; they’ll be able to reminisce about old times and they’ll thank you for reminding them exactly why they opted out of a meal plan as soon as second year rolled around. No need to go far to spend time with friends, especially when the dining halls are just minutes from your dorm. And who knows? Maybe Double Swipe Dean will join your next dinner rendezvous. You can’t get much luckier than that.
Swipe on,

Dear Edgar,
My mom keeps calling. And calling. I try to talk to her at least once a week, but sometimes I just am too busy to launch into an hourlong talk about laundry. How can I tell my mom I need some space without hurting her feelings? I do like talking to her, but I’d rather it be on my own terms.
Drama with Momma

Dear Drama,
The problem with calling on your own terms is, as the semester goes on, you’ll get busier and busier and have less and less time to chat. If you only call when you feel like it, you may not end up talking for weeks — and we both know Mama Bear isn’t having that. Try resolving to talk on the phone for those 15 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays as you walk to class. This way, she gets to hear your voice often enough, but you have a built-in excuse to keep things brief.
Good luck,

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