StudCo discusses Root the Box hack

Council members express concern about cyber-attack, lack of University response


Student Council met Tuesday to discuss the University’s lack of response to the Root The Box website hacking, in which the University’s main webpage was redirected to a site hosted by a Twitter user who goes by the name @R00tTh3B0x.

Council’s Chief Technology Officer Alex Pawlowski, a third-year Engineering student, responded to Council members’ concerns by saying the University was waiting to issue an official statement until it had completed further investigations.

“They are still trying to pinpoint where [the crash] came from,” Pawlowski said. “It seems that there’s some disagreement.”

Pawlowski said University officials were waiting an extra day and a half in order to present the most clear, accurate picture of how the attack happened.

Council also decided to allocate $6,000 to Speak Up UVA, an effort they said would ensure Council was listening to student concerns.

“We want to be able to back up the promise to students that we will address their concerns,” said Representative Body Chair Michael Promisel, a third-year College student.

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