Love Connection: Jason and Kendall

Two first-years find they have little in common over dumplings and frozen yogurt


First-year College students Jason and Kendall find they have little in common on a mediocre dumpling and frozen yogurt date.

Year: First
School: College
Major: Undecided
U.Va. Involvement: First year culinary committee
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Ideal Date: Any hair color but red (sorry gingers). She can’t be taller than me, as that is my biggest fear in life. I like skinny people, but you should also be comfortable eating large quantities of food. That is one of my favorite past times. Marginally athletic. I like pale skin because I have it, but it’s not necessary. Preferably someone who has swam in the past.
Deal breakers? More than six feet tall, doesn’t speak English, sociology majors
Describe a typical weekend: I like to go out and have a good time with friends. On Sunday, I contemplate going to church. Then I watch Netflix and study.
Hobbies: Netflix, swimming, basketball, reading, enjoying unemployment
What makes you a good catch? I’m funny as hell. I am very blunt.
What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? Sometimes I get more enamored with the food on my plate than the date in front of me. I am very blunt. My social skills are borderline unacceptable.
Describe yourself in one sentence: A marginally athletic, marginally successful student from a marginally interesting state with marginally acceptable social skills.

Year: First
School: College
Major: Chemistry
U.Va. Involvement: Madison House volunteer for the ESOL program, avid fan for my friends’ intramural sports teams
Hometown: Shawsville
Ideal Date: Tall, dark hair, preferably athletic, beautiful eyes
Ideal Date Personality: A sweet person with a good sense of humor who can laugh at themselves, someone who looks out for their friends, adventurous, free-spirited and intelligent
Ideal Date Activity: Something relaxed, non-formal. Maybe making dinner together, a takeout picnic or hiking — something relaxed where it would be easy to talk and get to know each other. Ice cream is always a good backup plan.
Deal breakers? Cocky or arrogant, mean spirited or a smoker, super intense
Hobbies: An occasionally self-motivated runner, reading whenever I get the chance, watching 80s movies
What makes you a good catch? I’m a really good listener, I’m genuine and I’m down to earth. I’m willing to try new things.
What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? I can be a little quiet when I first meet people, so at first people tend to think I’m shy, and I am a slight control freak.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I aim to always be hopelessly optimistic.

Jason and Kendall met at the Rotunda at 10 p.m. and went to Marco & Luca Dumplings on the Corner.

Kendall: My suitemates and I signed up [for Love Connection] at the beginning of the year together.

Jason: Jake in my hall signed up and was on a recent Love Connection. I just put in an app because he got the A-Chi-O social chair and I was like, “Wow, that seems incredible! Let’s see what happens!”

Kendall: I came into it with an open mind and just wanted to see how it would go. I wasn’t looking for anyone serious. It would be nice to meet somebody else on Grounds.

Jason: I thought this would be a unique experience, as I’d never been on a blind date. I thought it would be good to [sharpen] social skills. All my friends were stoked because they wanted to see me humiliate myself in public.

Kendall: I got to the Rotunda early and there were some drunk people hanging out. My first impression was that he seemed like a nice guy.

Jason: My first impression was that she was fairly good looking. She seemed fairly outgoing; she started talking.

Kendall: We both had eaten dinner and wanted to go somewhere light and dumplings appealed to both of us. I knew he hadn’t been there in a while [because] he mentioned it, so we mutually decided.

Jason: I would say the conversation was fairly smooth. [There were] natural bumps considering it was a blind date, but there weren’t prolonged periods of silence. We didn’t seem to delve into anything super-interesting — what’s your school, where are you from, what’s your major, etc. We stuck to safe topics.

Kendall: The conversation was easy. There were a couple of points where it was somewhat awkward, but it wasn’t that hard to make conversation. I feel like we really both talked equally.

Jason: It didn’t appear that there was much in common. She lives in Dillard and I live in Gooch. She’s a Chemistry major and I’m not anywhere near the sciences.

Kendall: We actually didn’t have that much in common. We both had very different majors and interests.

Jason: She’s from Roanoke and I knew that a hall mate of mine was from Roanoke, so I asked her if she knew anyone in Gooch that was from Roanoke and she said no. Later, I found out that she went to prom with this hall mate junior year, but he didn’t want to talk about it.

Kendall: I wouldn’t say there was a lot of flirting going on. I think it was a very friendly vibe right from the beginning. I paid for dumplings and he paid for fro-yo so [it] was kind of mutual.

Jason: I didn’t feel like there was any flirting going on. I could see myself going out with her in a group, but not individually because I didn’t feel like we had anything in common or that [the date] was interesting.

Kendall: He was a really friendly guy, but I don’t really see myself hanging out with him.

Jason: We got the frozen yogurt and walked all the way back to Gooch and she said she had a paper to go write, so we parted our separate ways. The stars didn’t align.

Kendall: I would rate the date a 6.5. It was about average. There wasn’t really any interest on either side — it was just really friendly.

Jason: I would rate the date a 6. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t outstanding. I had just gotten on the bus to get to the Rotunda when she postponed by two hours, so I have to subtract points for that. The food was good and I’m always up for fro-yo. I’d highly recommend everyone sign up for Love Connection!

Published April 20, 2014 in Life

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