U.Va. introduces first full-time Title IX coordinator

Eramo, Miller to continue their University Title IX work

In response to new federal regulations, the University announced this week the appointment of Kelley Hodge as the new University Title IX coordinator and executive assistant to the president.

The goal of the position is not only to enforce Title IX at the University, but to provide students with another outlet and educational resource about Title IX. Hodge is a University alumna, but said she will have to work with current students to better understand the current atmosphere on Grounds.

“While I am an alumna of U.Va. and know the climate and culture I experienced here as an undergrad, I know that a great deal has changed since I graduated in 1993,” Hodge said in an email statement. “My plans for the year are to listen a great deal to those who are protected under Title IX — which is the entire University community.”

Hodge was formerly the governor-appointed Pennsylvania Safe Schools advocate for the Commission on Crime and Delinquency. She also served as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia and later as a senior assistant public defender in Richmond, gaining over 14 years of experience in the courtroom.

Her legal experience will be an asset, Hodge said, and provide a lens through which to analyze

University incidents.

“I do see my criminal law background as unique and a benefit in this role,” she said. “I bring to this role a perspective that seeks fairness and balance.”

Hodge — the University’s first full-time Title IX coordinator — will monitor the University’s compliance with Title IX and work directly with non-compliance as reported by students, employees and third parties. Associate Dean of Students Nicole Eramo said in an email statement that she will remain in her capacity as the Title IX coordinator of students alongside Hodge.

“I think it is critically important to have someone in the role of Title IX coordinator whose sole focus is to oversee all of the work that is being done around response, prevention and education from the big-picture, University-wide perspective to ensure that we are consistently and effectively meeting those obligations across all University programs and services,” Eramo said.

Jane Miller, deputy Title IX coordinator for athletics and senior associate director for programs, will stay in her current role as well. Miller said Hodge will now lead and coordinate all Title IX efforts.

“Kelley will be the leader, the expert on all things related to Title IX,” Miller said in an email statement. “She has the experience in this area to provide the expertise and the passion to energize others.”

Eramo said having Kelley serve as coordinator will emphasize the changes and progress being sought in the University community.

“Having a Title IX coordinator come out of the President’s Office also underscores the importance of this issue to the entire University community and emphasizes that we all have a role to play in maintaining a safe and welcoming University free of gender-based harassment and violence,” she said.

The continued promotion of prevention strategies, reporting processes and the collection of data exploring the effectiveness and efficiency of these strategies in creating just outcomes will be the core of her strategy as coordinator, Hodge said.

“I look forward to establishing or enhancing existing mechanisms that will allow for the continuous education on Title IX,” she said.

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