Honor Committee discusses by-law implementation timing

A week after passing additional admissions informed retraction proposal, Committee discusses briefing support officers next semester on the change before implementation


Honor Committee Chair Devin Rossin said it was best to implement the bylaws when the support officers were comfortable with the new changes.

Kate Bellows | Cavalier Daily

At their meeting Sunday night, the Honor Committee discussed training support officers in the new additional admissions by-law before it is set to go into effect April 1.

Last week, the Committee approved a proposal to allow reported students to admit additional offenses under one informed retraction. The informed retraction directs students to admit guilt, make amends with affected parties and take a two-semester leave of absence from the University.

Although the proposal was passed to go into effect April 1, Devin Rossin, a fourth-year College student and Honor Committee chair, suggested the Committee implement the change when they were confident the support officers felt comfortable with it.

“I don’t think it’s fair to say we’re going to have the bylaw implemented by ‘x’ date,” Rossin said. “What we’re proposing is maybe having a bi-weekly update on [the support officers’ understanding]. Once they reach a point in which we feel that they are competent, then we’ll move forward with implementation.”

Jeffrey Warren, a fourth-year College student and Honor Committee vice chair for hearings, said the Committee could re-vote to implement the proposal when they felt comfortable with the support officers’ understanding.

“There’s not a lot of reason in my mind to wait until April 1 just for the simplicity argument,” Warren said.

The Committee will move forward with Rossin’s suggestion, planning to implement the proposal when they feel the support officers are comfortable with the new by-law. April 1 is the default deadline.

Sarah Killian, a fourth-year College student and Honor Committee vice chair for investigations, said the training of support officers will probably take more time than usual.

“My specific concern is that we could implement this very, very quickly,” Killian said. “But I would only be able to staff the people who were present at the [support officer] pool meeting.”

The pool meetings are mandatory for support officers.

“I don’t think it’s going to be this process that stretches on,” Warren said. “This is just saying next semester we’ll begin training support officers, and when we feel comfortable, [will bring it to] a revote.”

After the by-law discussion, the Committee moved onto talking about finals pushes — events the Committee puts on to ensure a community of trust during finals testing. The Committee discussed programs with puppies, hot cocoa, coffee and more.

“One thing we were thinking for grad students is trying to think of three events in different parts of Grounds,” said Torie Clark, a graduate College student and Honor Committee representative.

Devin suggested co-sponsoring events with other organizations on Grounds.

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