Renovated stairs outside Newcomb open

Temporary walkway closes after five-month construction to repair water leaks


The stair renovation sought to repair water leaks and to prevent water from infiltrating Newcomb Hall.

Andrew Walsh | Cavalier Daily

The stairs between Newcomb Hall and Brown College reopened March 21 after five months of construction. The renovation sought to repair water leaks in the stairs and was accompanied by a temporary wooden walkway beside the stairs for daily use. The crew originally aimed to finish construction by last December, but moved its goal to March 26 after inclement weather setbacks.

The project began in October in order to repair water leaks and to prevent water from infiltrating Newcomb Hall. Despite the original construction deadline being set to complete the project by the first week of December, the schedule was adjusted due to inclement weather and additional areas of infiltration that were identified.

Several students said they found the temporary staircase inconvenient.

“They were mostly annoying …  when they got wet, they’d be really slippery,” third-year College student Sam Nicol said. “I wasn’t the only person who slipped, but thankfully, I didn’t fall.”

First-year College student Lara Sharma said she thought the University’s temporary solution worsened over time.

“As time went on … there was divets in the stairs, there was [sic] puddles,” Sharma said. “I think it definitely caused an inconvenience to some of the people who had trouble walking up and down … I do know for some people, it was not as accessible anymore.”

Despite the prominence of the timber stairwell, some students said they were unaware of its purpose.

Others found the temporary construction did not pose too much of a disturbance, yet welcomed its completion.

“It was honestly just a few extra steps,” third-year College student Nicole Janiga said. “I’m just glad they’re finally finished.”

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