Jun 23, 2017

Donate to The Cavalier Daily

Cavalier Daily readers,

The Cavalier Daily is a financially independent, non-profit organization and, as such, we receive no funding from the University. We must generate enough revenue to cover numerous expenses including rent, printing, courier services, insurance, equipment and digital maintenance. We welcome your contributions, which will go toward the aforementioned costs as well as several new projects we are undertaking this semester.

You can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking the button below, which takes you to the Cavalier Daily Alumni Association's secure account. The page is set up to receive contributions in whatever amount you designate. This money in particular will be earmarked for special projects proposed by our talented and dedicated staff. We look forward to using the money we raise to further our mission of providing honest and accurate information to students, faculty, staff, alumni and others in the general public.

Mike Reingold

Donate to The Cavalier Daily

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