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With a diverse staff of more than 200 students, The Cavalier Daily strives to serve the University community by providing accurate and reliable news in both its print and online media. The Cavalier Daily has a wide range of opportunities for students interested in writing, reporting, production, photography, advertising and information technology.

Whatever you want to do, The Cavalier Daily is big enough that it definitely has a place for you, even if you have no prior experience working for a newspaper. We welcome new additions to our staff throughout the year. For more information on each department, please look through the descriptions below.

How to Join

To express interest in joining the staff, either send an email directly to the section editor listed below or send an email to Be sure to include the following information with your email:

Full Name 

E-Mail address 

Academic Year (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) 

Areas of interest, if any (look below for more detailed descriptions of departments)

Managing Board

Editor-in-Chief: Tim Dodson,

Managing Editor: Ben Tobin,

Executive Editor: Jake Lichtenstein,

Operations Manager: Avishek Pandey,

Chief Financial Officer: Nate Bolon,

Literary Staffs


Editors: Kate Bellows, Maggie Servais,

The Cavalier Daily boasts one of the best, most dedicated news staffs in college journalism. The “News Mafia” is one of the tightest groups at the paper, and its members take pride in having one of the toughest jobs on Grounds. News writers cover state, local and University news, including legislation in Richmond, protests in Charlottesville and student government organizations on Grounds. Fast turnaround times and high levels of responsibility for new writers often quickly and dramatically improve writing, reporting and critical thinking skills. To join the News Section, please email with your name, email address and year. No tryout is necessary, and new writers are always welcomed.


Editors: Jake Blank, Alec Dougherty,

Writers for the Sports department travel to all major games with full press access to cover every sport and athlete at the University. New sports writers can begin writing immediately, and first-year students have been known to have bylines before classes even start. Cavalier Daily sportswriters have gone on to work for SPORT magazine, CBS Radio Sports and The Washington Post, as well as newspapers throughout Virginia, all while still students at the University. The Sports department is the place to be for students interested in careers in sports writing or broadcasting, and offers many opportunities to students who want to take being a fan to the next level.


Editors: Jacob Asch, Brendan Novak,

Opinion columnists have one of the best jobs at the University: They get to publish their opinions about a range of topics every single week. The Cavalier Daily is read not only by University students and officials, but also by local residents, state and national politicians, interest groups and national news media, so the potential for influencing public opinion is high. Because of high demand, there is a competitive tryout process for columnists, but Opinion is looking for as many new writers as it can get, so give it a shot. Announcements for tryouts will be made early each semester, and each year the majority of new columnists are also new students.


Editors: Julie Bond, Natalie Seo,

The Life page features columns about student life, as well as feature stories about the events and happenings that shape the University’s character. Life writers get to cover some of the more bizarre, out-of-the-ordinary and often hilarious occurrences on Grounds. Tryouts for the Life section will be announced at the beginning of the semester, but will occur year round.

Arts & Entertainment

Editors: Dan Goff, Thomas Roades,

The Cavalier Daily’s arts and entertainment section prints music, film, concert, and theater reviews, as well as commentary on the arts and media. The arts and entertainment section has weekly staff meetings and plenty of chances for writers to develop their own literary style.

Health & Science

Editor: Tina Chai, Ruhee Shah,

Health & Science covers topics including research and medical breakthroughs in the field of health, as well as candid, tasteful discussion of sexual topics as they apply to University life. Students who are interested in these topics and would like to develop their writing skills should consider the Health & Science department.


Editor: Abbey Clukey,

Focus provides in-depth coverage of complex and often controversial news topics, such as faculty salaries and high-stakes fundraising projects. Writing a focus article is a great way to learn about the University and a good opportunity to practice writing longer, more complicated stories. Students interested in journalism — or just in improving their writing — are encouraged to consider writing for Focus. To join the staff, writers must first join the News section and go through news writer training.

Copy Staff

Assistant Managing Editors: Alexis Gravely, Gracie Kreth,

An integral section of the paper, the copy staff reads News, Focus, Life, Sports, Health & Science, and Arts & Entertainment articles principally to ensure factual and stylistic accuracy. Editors will check facts and use AP style during weekly shifts. A firm grasp of the English language is essential. Communication skills are important.


Editors: Veronica Sirotic,

Contrary to what other sections would have the public believe, humor is by far the best, creating comics and articles for the general purpose of mirth, merry-making, and gaiety. Humor columnists write columns on a wide variety of topics, linked by the common thread of jokes. Writers give their unique outlook on life in 800 words or fewer. Comic artists draw up their perspective on a range of issues, from dining hall food to superheroes, all in a neat 1x3 aspect ratio. We encourage guest contributions from our readers.

Operations Staffs


Editors: Zach Beim, Sonia Gupta, Mark Felice,

The Production department literally makes the paper happen. Production staffers work with The Cavalier Daily’s production software to lay out and produce each page in InDesign software. The Production department also designs many of the layouts for the paper, meaning that production staff members have a chance to be creative to help determine what the paper looks like.


Editors: Christina Anton, Sarah Lindamood,

The Cavalier Daily Photo department gets full access to the paper’s pro-level DSLRs and lenses. Photographers are also granted exclusive access to sporting events and other events around Grounds so they can get up close to take outstanding photos. Photographers work is shared in a variety of formats, including but not limited to: the print edition, online photo galleries on The Cavalier Daily website, Facebook and Twitter. While many photographers have a great deal of student — and even professional — experience, anyone is welcome to join the Photo Department. Even beginning photographers eager to get involved can be trained with the equipment and sent out to shoot awesome photos.


Engineering Manager: Katie Vinson,

The Cavalier Daily Online Edition is quickly becoming one of the best online college newspapers in the country. The Engineering staff puts the day’s paper on the Web and also works to create visually interesting expanded and enhanced online coverage. Engineering staff members also work on special online-only projects. Opportunities are also available for working with our database and software development. The Engineering department is a great place to gain practical professional experience working with the Web, and our very fun, very crazy, and very talented staff will make sure there’s never a dull moment.

Social Media

Managers: Ashley Botkin, Shaelea Carroll,

The social media section manages the Cavalier Daily's continuously developing efforts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. We aim to spread our content across the web to reach as big an audience as possible. Want to get involved? We're looking for bold, innovative, self-starters ready to contribute new strategies and ideas.


Graphics Editors: Matt Gillam, Aisha Singh,

The Online Graphics section of the Cavalier Daily is responsible for producing online content across all sections. We are looking for ambitious, motivated people who have an interest in Computer Science or know some programming languages including but not limited to HTML, CSS, Java, and Python. The Cavalier Daily offers valuable, real-world technology experience with the University’s largest, fully independent, privately owned corporation, The Cavalier Daily Inc.


Editor: Aidan McWeeney,

The Video section is one of the newest and fastest-growing sections in Cavalier Daily. Our goal is to produce quality video coverage of news as well as in-depth investigative reports of the University and in Charlottesville area. We are looking for dedicated students who are interested in anchoring, filming and video-editing. If you have a passion for video journalism, or a vision for the future of the online Cavalier Daily, Video is the best place for you!

Business Staffs


Business Manager: Kelly Mays,

The Cavalier Daily’s advertising representatives are the paper’s only paid staff members. Ads reps work on commission and have the opportunity to gain practical experience in customer service, design, and production.

Business and Marketing

Business and Marketing Managers: Avantika Mehra,

The Cavalier Daily is looking for ambitious, motivated people to assist with business operations. Accounting and circulation management positions are available, as are paid positions in advertising. The Cavalier Daily offers valuable, real-world business experience with the University’s largest, fully independent, privately owned corporation, The Cavalier Daily Inc. The Marketing Staff helps rebrand the Cavalier Daily as it transitions from a daily print newspaper to a digital-first news organization. The staff manages advertising campaigns, conducts marketing research, and solicits community input into the changes this organization makes.