Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor give readers the opportunity to contribute their commentary on issues as they relate to the University and Charlottesville community. Letters must be exclusive to The Cavalier Daily and must include the author’s name — we do not publish open or anonymous letters. Please provide links to any references and evidence to support any claims in the letter. We reserve the right to edit letters. If you would like to send a letter, please limit it to a maximum of 250 words and submit it to opinion@cavalierdaily.com.

LETTER: In defense of Aramark

It is important to understand that there is a lot of misinformation and propaganda around Aramark and our service of food to the Corrections industry, as a result of a 2016 documentary and ongoing activism around the prison industrial complex. READ MORE

​LETTER: Questions about Affordable Excellence

I see no problem in the rich paying more of the real cost of a University education, even if some of this payment is used to offset the fees for poor families of qualified students. But, please, show me some numbers and family situations so I can evaluate this new program. READ MORE

LETTER: University students live on

We, the students of the University of Virginia, are the living. We are the blood that runs through the iron pipes of the University. We the picturesque, we the hideous, the marginalized, the spoiled, the idealistic, the good-hearted. We. When you walk through our Grounds, past each painful fissure that has blossomed forth like so many angry scars, remember. READ MORE

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