Andrew Kouri


KOURI: Heads in the cloud

Take Zipcar, for example. Some people do not need a car seven days a week. Rather than having a depreciating asset sitting in a car park, Zipcar users can rent a vehicle for only the time which they need. The proliferation of GPS tracking devices has reduced the risk involved in trusting customers to return a vehicle, which allows the Zipcar business to be viable.

Chatting and hacking

I chatted with x86 and n3tcat using an encrypted application called Cryptocat, which prevented me from determining their IP addresses and consequentially protected their anonymity.

Pull the plug on plug-pulling

Every time I fly, I am reminded of society’s willingness to comply with the status quo when I am forced to pause my music until reaching the magical altitude of 10,000 feet, below which my Kindle would supposedly send aircraft, satellites and the International Space Station spiraling into Armageddon-style oblivion.

Word of the wise

Allow me to divulge a secret about my past three spring breaks. I have not been going to crazy college island parties in the Caribbean as I may claim to friends. Instead, I have been sneaking down to Florida to spend a few days with my grandparents.

Blown out of proportion

After receiving a graded test back in class last week, I wondered how many of the students swarming the professor at the end of class to discuss their grades would complain about being marked too high.

The Apple doesn't fall

Last Wednesday, Apple Inc. reported its quarterly results to investors, and though revenues and profits set new company records, the stock sunk nearly 12 percent during trading the next day.

Going clubbing

Hands-on organizations are the best clubs to join in order to further one’s education.

Too cool for school

The decision to cancel classes during hurricane Sandy assured students were safe and did not carry any significant detriment.

Play-boy the rules

The University’s ranking by Playboy as the number one party school could deter potential professors and benefactors.