Brennan Lee


I’m afraid to catch feels, Katy

At the end of the day, Katy, you need to understand that you are replaceable — yes, I said it. I’ve caught feels for many women; you’re not the first and you won’t be the last.

Forgiveness and Fury

I have two sisters and a brother, but this story is just about the two sisters, Saoirse (“Seer-sha”) and Maire.

Hit Escape for a second

Fellas, if by some chance reading this article becomes the key to unlocking the final control point in Overwatch, then please heed these words.

New Bieber song fundamentally saves society

While the song has already proved itself to be the song of the summer, DJ Khaled seemed confident that his upcoming projects would certainly outshine his most recent release.

Periods are fine

If you send multiple texts in a row, then how can I know for sure that the beginning of the next text is a separate thought and not an extension of the previous sentence?

Being grammatically correct

I don’t even know when we got to this point. What’s society’s big deal with following all these prescribed rules?

No more jokes

To all five of the people who regularly read this page: hello. My name is Brennan Lee, and I am the new editor for the Humor section here at The Cavalier Daily.