Playing it cool with the Avengers trailer

On Wednesday, the trailer for the latest installment in the Marvel franchise, “Avengers: Infinity Wars,” was released to the world. Touted as the "beginning of the end" for the Marvel storyline, and combining all the current Marvel superheroes into a final showdown with the dreaded villain Thanos, this is one of the most expensive, most precarious and most anticipated movies of all time. And this trailer made this new movie look frickin' awesome!

Do I feel fine? Oh, I'm good, really. Thanks for asking. 

It all began in 2008 with Robert Downey's portrayal of “Iron Man,” so it was befitting that Tony Stark is one of the first featured frames of the trailer — no, I'm not crying, I just got something in my eye. Anyways, the trailer plays well to its now-expansive audience, teasing us with various snapshots of our favorite Avengers and Marvel characters coming together in unexplained, unclear scenarios, knowing full well that merely the shared presence of these superheroes on the same screen is enough to excite audiences worldwide. Nothing to worry about here, just going to lie down for a second. Do you have a juice? Or a cold rag I could borrow for my forehead?

One of the most impressive elements of the new trailer that is on full display in such a large ensemble cinematic work is the depth of talented actors and actresses at their disposal. From established names such as Scarlett Johansson, Samuel Jackson and Benedict Cumberbatch, to stars who are just beginning to become household names, like Chadwick Boseman, Tom Hiddleston and Hayley Atwell — whoa momma, I'm getting dizzy just naming those six! Wow, I've already sweat through my shirt just typing them out.

Despite making brief cameos in previous Marvel movies, Thanos' presence in the trailer and importance in the Marvel storyline moving forward is the new intriguing element of these movies. While Thanos' desire to acquire the all-powerful Infinity Stones is and has been made perfectly clear, he is still a character that is somewhat unknown or misunderstood by larger audiences. Still, with this being easily the most powerful enemy the Avengers have faced so far, will the assemblage of new superheroes be enough to beat his armies? If he gets control of all the stones, is there anything the Avengers can do? Who will die in this movie? Do I have to wear dark jeans for the next several months to hide the fact that I will periodically wet myself in anticipation for this movie?

While the excitement for these final movies will build fervently for the next few months and the movie release will certainly smash box-office records, this is also the progression Marvel Studios is undertaking to the end of the Thanos storyline. For years, this franchise has been a focal part of my youth, has given me more enjoyment than the totality of my personal relationships and has been a calm and consistent presence in even the most tumultuous points of my life; I'm sure I'm not alone in these feeling towards the seemingly insignificance of comic book movies. Man, I am really shaking right now, isn't that crazy? Is it just me, or is it hot in here? Why is the room spinning? Mom? MOM! I NEED 30 TICKETS FOR ME AND MY IMAGINARY FRIENDS TO GO TO THE INFINITY WARS MOVIE!

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