Mary Long


This must be the place

I’m not yearning to return to or repeat my past four years here. But I am so very, very thankful for the memories that those years have given me, the people they’ve brought me and the lessons they’ve taught me.

It’s good to welcome uncertainty

We like competition and crave acceptance, and even the most independent among us could use an occasional reminder that the only expectations we need to abide by are those set by ourselves, not others.

When do you consider someone a woman

I’m starting to think the answer has something to do with self-respect — with a visible-yet-unassuming confidence in oneself and one’s intrinsic value.  

An abundance of hearts of gold

The key to this, we agreed, was making the conscious decision to seek out good people and put yourself out there and actively engage in the world around you.

Overcoming doubt

I was talking to a friend about the logistics of said fish market — why hold it all, especially if it’s for free?