Olivier Weiss


WEISS: The future of the populist movement

The results of the first round of the French presidential elections are in, and despite significant fluctuations in the polling in the few weeks leading up to the vote, they are along the lines most expected. 

WEISS: Trump right to order missile strikes

On Tuesday, April 4th, reports emerged that the Assad regime hit the village of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria’s Idlib province with sarin gas, killing at least 85 people and wounding hundreds more.

​WEISS: The myth of diversity on the Lawn

Since lawn room selections came out last month, a debate has been raging in The Cavalier Daily Opinion section about the relative weight merit and representation should be given in the Lawn room selection process. 

WEISS: Democrats should take advantage of minority party status

The story of the rise of the Tea Party is a familiar one. Protests erupted in the summer of 2009 and continued as a Democratic President and Congress pushed through a slew of consequential reform measures, culminating in the landslide Congressional victories for Republicans which made John Boehner Speaker of the House.