Sarah Ashman


Stop letting your schedule dominate your life

Allowing interruptions isn’t caring less about yourself or your plans — it’s caring more about what you see, hear and experience than you do about your control over your minute, hour, day or week.

Students have real power

I don’t make laws. If I wait to act until I do, I will never be the change I wish to see in the world.

Learning to walk

It is a shame that we have no memory of the experience of learning how to walk.

Difficulties in slowing down

I don’t think I realized how fast life moves at the University until it was time for summer — time to stop and rest.

The language of empathy

This semester, I took up the great project of reading David Foster Wallace’s “Infinite Jest.” 

Learning to appreciate the in-between

As this week ushered in the official commencement of spring on Monday, I’ve begun to keep a close eye on the landscape of the Lawn and the surrounding gardens.

A discussion evoked

This past Friday, after a long week of assignments crammed into a rigid schedule, my roommates and I decided it was time to let loose.