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Summer school prices increase

While some students are taking the summer off working at the pool or participating in internships and EXTERNships, others are escaping the heat by taking summer school classes.

This year, University summer school classes cost more than last year for out-of-state students-last year out-of-state students paid $493 per credit hour, while this year they will be paying $518 per credit hour.

In-state tuition per credit hour will remain the same as last year, at $136.

The price increase is due to the over all increase in out-of-state student tuition during the school year, Summer Sessions Director Alton Taylor said.

"Out-of-state tuition was raised about 5 percent during the regular year so we follow the trend the [Board of Visitors] sets for tuition raises," Taylor said.

However, at the College of William & Mary, summer school tuition remained about the same, Student Accounts Manager Barbara Heberling said.

"In-state [tuition] is $153 per credit hour with a $25 registration fee, and out-of-state [tuition] is $500," with the same registration fee, Heberling said.

But, out-of-state students may want to attend the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for summer classes due to the low costs of the institution's tuition rates.

Out-of-state tuition for UNC is $325 per credit hour, and $95 per credit hour for in-state students, said Cheryl Mitchell, UNC summer school administration director.

For many students, though, high out-of-state fees were not enough to dissuade them from taking summer school classes at the University.

"I needed to take more classes, so I decided to spend the summer in Charlottesville with a friend," said Rutgers University junior Vivian Lewis. "It's a good way to get away from home, and it's a slack way to study."