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Police look into break-in

Charlottesville Police are investigating a break-in at the Delta Gamma Sorority House on Madison Lane that allegedly occurred at 5 a.m. Sunday morning.

According to the police report, two females were awake inside the sorority house when they heard footsteps in the kitchen. The two then saw a shadow near the kitchen door.

Assuming the footsteps and shadow were not that of a sorority sister, they ran upstairs and locked themselves in a room, the report stated.

The girls reported the incident to city police at 12:00 p.m. the same day, Charlottesville Police Sgt. Gary Pleasants said.

"Nothing in the house was disturbed," but there are detectives pursuing the case, Pleasants said.

The police report said it is possible that the door lock was tampered with.

The alleged break-in at Delta Gamma occurred only a week after a break-in and armed rape of a University student in the Venable area.

"There's no way possible to tell if the incidents are related because the suspect was never seen," Pleasants said.

Inter-Sorority Council President Margaret Dumas said Sunday's alleged break-in highlights the need of sororities to take safety precautions.

Sororities "will be having several safety meetings" in their houses, Dumas said.

Inter-Fraternity Council members and ISC members also are planning to accompany a University Police officer to Greek houses to talk to residents about safety, she said.

Delta Gamma President Eleanore Rowe declined to comment.

Asst. Dean of Students Aaron Laushway said the sorority sisters acted properly by notifying police.

"People who pose a threat need to be confronted and in that endeavor we need the assistance of trained professionals such as University Police," Laushway said.

"Students need to be aware of their environs and when things go awry, take appropriate action," he said. "We are not a wall unto ourselves"