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Rue encourages involvement in Hereford residential life

Situated on the University's outer fringes, Hereford College has established a reputation as a community unto itself, which was affirmed at last night's convocation for Hereford College students at Runk dining hall.

The eight-year old residential college provides programming for residents to give the college a sense of community.

"The horizons of Hereford are only beginning to be articulated," Hereford College Principal Daniel Bluestone said.

The convocation ceremony included the induction of Hereford fellows, who are deans and professors responsible for "organizing programs that resonate with the people who are living here," Bluestone said.

Among the inductees was Dean of Students Penny Rue, who was hired in the spring to replace former Dean of Students Robert T. Canevari, who retired June 30.

Rue, the keynote speaker at the ceremony, spoke about the nature of the Hereford College community and its objectives.

"Community is not a spectator sport," Rue said.

She further advised students to actively contribute to the Hereford College community to reap the benefits of living in a residential college environment.

Rue also advocated the creation of subgroups within the college for the purpose of fostering a "college-wide sense of identity and pride."

She said Hereford residents need to collectively partake in community service projects.

"We must begin to refer to ourselves as 'we', not 'I' or 'they,'" Rue said.

In closing, Rue warned that conflict is inevitable within any community, but stressed "conflict surfaces only where people care enough for it to be worth the risk."

Following the convocation was the "$5,000 Banquet," during which Hereford College residents proposed and voted on event and project ideas for the upcoming year.

Out of those suggested, students chose six events, each estimated to require about $800 in funds.

The $5,000 in funding for the events was provided by Hereford residents - all Hereford residents must pay an additional $100 in housing fees for activities.

The chosen events and projects included whitewater rafting, repairing and expanding the Hereford game room, repairing the Hereford volleyball court, sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity house, purchasing a video projector and investing $800 in stocks.

The students who proposed the events are also responsible for organizing and running the events with the help of the Hereford fellows and administration.