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Hallowed rafters of University Hall

The fans, i.e. you, often catch a lot of criticism from the media, from other fans, from devout Cavalier crusaders and from any number of other outlets for your lack of enthusiasm.

Some of it is deserved and some of it is not. Sometimes University Hall is in absolute mutiny, and sometimes it's more or less mute.

But I'm not here to chastise you or to give you some sort of motivational hubbub. Nope, I'm here to encourage you to become the loudest, most enthusiastic fans in the ACC this season for basketball.

"What about the Duke fans?" you say. I say, "Yeah what about them?" Let the Cameron Crazies serve as an example. In order to come across as loud and "good" fans, all Cav faithful must be unified - at least part of the time.

Before I go a step further, let me make one thing clear. By no means am I suggesting that you as Cavaliers should want to copy or emulate the Crazies. All I am suggesting is that they provide a good example of uniformity.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes just plain ol' noise does the trick. Other times, a unified chorus of voices has more impact and is more intimidating and roof-rattling than a collected group of random sounds.

For example, when a game is for all practicality over, the Crazies chant in unison, "This one's over." It sounds good on TV, because everyone is doing it.

Virginia's fans do this too. Unfortunately it usually occurs before tip-off during the national anthem. "HOOS broad stripes ... " You know the routine. Why does it make you laugh or smile every time? Why does everyone wait with anticipation for that line to occur?

Really, it's quite simple. "HOOS" sounds really cool when a packed house in U-Hall yells it at one time. And it's not like anyone has to figure out what they are saying or what the chant is, because each person knows already.

Which leads me to my first piece of advice for Cavaliers - join your voices as one. It utilizes the very same "HOOS" used in the national anthem. Every time a Cavalier makes a free throw, every fan in the house yells "HOOS" as the ball goes through the net. If it sounds so darn cool during the "Star Spangled Banner," then why couldn't it sound awesome after every single made free throw this season.

There is one very important exception to this rule dealing with Chris "Big Smooth" Williams. Anytime he makes a free throw, everyone in the house should let out an elongated "Smooooth." Can you hear 8,000 Cavs bellowing that!? I can.

But the unification goes beyond free-throw shooting. To borrow from fireman Ed and several attempts from Superfan last season, why not use the now infamous New York Jets cheer? "J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!" I believe that "C-A-V-S, Cavs! Cavs! Cavs!" has a ton of potential.

Wait, there's more. With the '99 elections over and done with as of Tuesday, the road to the White House in 2000 has begun. Once again, to borrow from a clever fan's sign last season, I think the Cav faithful should support its very own candidate in a thundering cheer: "Chez for Prez! Chez for Prez!"

Together Cavs, all these things can be accomplished. Together, thousands of unified voices can rock the house. Besides, if you listen closely, "the millions and millions" are ready to unify their voices in collective praise. You should be ready too.