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Super finish inspires Bowl-ful of observations

The St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans combined Sunday for arguably the most exciting Super Bowl played in my lifetime. Too bad 90 percent of America couldn't have cared less about the outcome.

Seriously, folks. Aside from people who lived in Missouri or Tennessee, who really cared about how this one turned out?

Yes, the game was fun to watch. Yes, the ending was spectacular. And after a week of grumbling about the unappetizing matchup between the Scrams and the Artists Formerly Known as the Houston Oilers, I quickly found myself entranced by the game. (Then again, I've been known to watch Utah and Colorado State play men's basketball rather than do my history reading for the next day, but that's besides the point.) The unfortunate point is, this year's game was cursed by two small-market teams with no proven stars, and that threw some major roadblocks in front of the gigantic Super Bowl Hype Machine.

Since the rest of the sports pages across the land will focus on Dick Vermeil's return to glory and Kurt Warner's Cinderella tale, I've decided to use the rest of my weekly space to offer an amalgamation of observations from Super Sunday ... a "Bowlpourri," if you will.

Anyone who has doubts that America has a serious drug problem need only watch the halftime "extravaganza" for proof. A surreal show that included Christina Aguilera, Phil Collins, Enrique Iglesias, a bunch of those big scary-looking marionettes from the New Year's parades and a batallion of snare drummers in hats and vests covered with Christmas lights that somehow was supposed to mix together and represent "The Millennium"(tm) took several valuable moments from my life. While I only watched out of the corner of my eye while making some second-half grub, the occasional appearance of Edward James Olmos' disembodied head closeup on my 27-inch television for another bit of inspired narration like, "Follow your dream for the millennium" did frighten me somewhat.

I'm a tolerant guy. I'm willing to learn. But there's something about analysis from a guy named "Boomer" that just seems wrong. It's hard to sound knowledgeable when you're trying to back up a claim with, "Well, Boomer Esiason says..."

They're apparently not booing, they're saying "Bruce".

The award for funniest commercial has to go to E*Trade. The ad with the dancing high school hoops star was classic, and there's nothing funnier than a monkey in overalls.

The Titans came out on the short end of the stick, but they have three of the future stars of the NFL in Eddie George, Steve McNair and Jevon Kearse. The media's in love with the Freak -- as evidenced by the number of sideline shots of the über-rookie -- and George was huge in the second half. As for McNair, he possesses scrambling ability that makes Joe Hamilton look like Bernie Kosar, and his heroics on the penultimate play were fantastic. If those three stay in Nashville, the Titans could be the next football dynasty.

I just want to see if Warner can do it again next year, when he's not the football equivalent of "The Natural" and teams will have more time to prepare for him. If he can do that, and the Rams win without their cushy schedule, St. Louis will have another believer.

Looking back, I've decided where the Titans fell short. They should have drafted Terence Wilkens! After all, that's one guy that all us Cavalier fans know that Ram corner and UNC alum Dre Bly can't cover.

But what's the best thing about the Super Bowl, you might ask? Its end allows basketball, especially college basketball, to take center stage. Now even more attention will be focused on the continuing soap opera that is the ACC. Of course that doesn't mean the media might actually rank Virginia anytime soon ... because that would just be silly.