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Lights out

College students nationwide are notorious for keeping night-owl hours, and students at the University are no exception. Monday night, however, a power outage at Bice House forced residents to either find an alternative form of power or retire early.

The power went out around 10 p.m., said Mary Katherine Arthur, a fourth-year nursing student and Bice resident.

According to Bice resident Brennan Sigel, a second-year College student, the outage occurred because "a transformer exploded or blew out."

University Police could not be reached for comments.

The battery-powered lights in the stairwell not only lit the way for students returning to their apartments, they also served as makeshift study aids.

There "were some people sitting in the stairwell reading and doing their homework by the battery powered lights" during the incident, Arthur said.

However, "since it took so long [to get the power back on], all the stairwell lights were out because the battery packs had run out" by the time the power finally was restored, she said.

Sigel said she knew power came back on around 3:30 a.m., when "all the lights came back on and my computer came on.

"We had flashlights around so we weren't too inconvenienced" during the episode, she said.

Compiled by Allison Botos


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