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High school seniors no longer have reason to run obsessively out to the mailbox, hoping for notification letters from their prospective colleges. The decision no longer will be signaled simply by whether the envelope is thick or thin. Moms no longer can hope to glimpse the word "Congratulations!" through the flimsy envelope by holding it up to a light.

This year Northwestern University took another step toward becoming completely technologically efficient, notifying its applicants of their admission via e-mail.

Electronic acceptance to Northwestern University comes with an additional perk - a student identification number that could be used to log on to the school's Web site.

Has the University considered conforming to this Information-Age phenomenon?

"We're doing it in a limited way now," Dean of Admissions John Blackburn said. "All our correspondence with international students has been over e-mail, including their notification this year."

A new feature on the University's Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) encourages digital correspondence by allowing prospectives to enter their e-mail addresses into the database.

In an effort to excite accepted students about coming in the fall, Blackburn said the Office of Admissions Monday sent them all an e-mail note telling them tidbits about the University, such as the recent Yahoo! rating and football player Thomas Jones' going seventh in the NFL Draft.

"Next year we will probably send e-mail acceptances to all students, followed up by a hard copy," Blackburn said.

Compiled by Josie Roberts

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