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UVa student writes column for YM

Ahh, summer. It's finally here. The time when University students take wild road trips to random locales in the middle of nowhere and work non-stop to have enough money to stock their rooms with Jack Daniels year-round.

The job of rising second-year College student Justin Simoncini, couldn't be more different from the norm of college student employment.

Simoncini is an advice columnist ("Wise Guy") in the teeny-bopper lifestyle magazine, Young and Modern, featured in the monthly dating guide "YM Wise Guys: Mysteries of the Male Mind ... Explained."

In a typical month, he gets between 10 and 15 letters a month from swooning pre-teen aficionados of his work.

The YM editors email the questions girls have about boys to Simoncini.

"I just answer questions over email," he said. He does all of his work from home.

Simoncini came upon the job quite by accident.

"A few months ago, in high school, I was working on a senior English project with a friend," and he heard about the job while working on the assignment.

The competition for the position was intense. Simoncini downplayed the ultra-selectivity of the position.

"I just filled out one application over email and got it," Simoncini said.

As the beginning of fall semester rapidly approaches, Simoncini said he still plans to write for the magazine and wants to acquire journalistic experience while quickly becoming a household name to teeny-boppers everywhere.

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