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'One' performance 'Four' you

You've seen the flyers. You've heard the name. You're wondering, "Who is 'One-in-Four' and what do they do?"

In order to answer this question and much more, the all male group One-in-Four will be presenting their program in the Rotunda Dome Room Friday at noon.

Normally, One-in-Four only performs for all-male groups. Friday's presentation is unique in that both sexes are welcome. Complete with a script and movie, the group's one-hour program entitled, "How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor: What Men Can Do," hopes not only to educate students and faculty about the group's mission, but also to generate interest for prospective members.

One-in-Four members are always "the last ones to leave the room," said Andy Oldham, One-in-Four's vice president. This allows students to approach them in confidentiality with their questions about sexual assault.

Oldham said the group's name comes from "a statistic that refers to the fact that one in four college women report being a victim of rape or attempted rape since their fourteenth birthday."

The group's mandate, then, is to act as a resource to teach men how to help women recover from sexual assault experiences. They offer their own assistance as counselors, but also refer people to services such as the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA), Office of the Dean of Students and Sexual Assault Facts and Education (SAFE).

"We never claim to be professional counselors, but we do help guys get to the people they need to talk to," Oldham said.

The group was founded at the University two years ago by several students, including Oldham, and Dean of Students for Residence Life John D. Foubert. Foubert's doctoral dissertation at University or Maryland served as the basis for the formation of the group.

"Our main target audiences are [fraternity] houses, sports teams and male halls," Oldham said. "We do the same gig we'll be performing Friday for all of our audiences."

Compiled by Ryann Collins

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