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In Black and White

Fifty-nine percent of black undergraduate students view news coverage in The Cavalier Daily as racially biased, according to a survey conducted last spring for the State of Race Relations, a new University group.

This independent student organization completed the first-ever comprehensive survey of student attitudes toward race relations at the University and now challenges fellow students to talk about the results.

"We're looking to come up with concrete solutions to racial problems at the University," said Michael Freedman-Schnapp, co-founder of the State of Race Relations.

Tonight at 8 the group is holding an open forum in the Chemistry Auditorium to present the results of the study, conduct a moderated discussion, and hear the views of a student panel. Honor Investigations Vice President Ginny Rothschild, Student Council President Joe Bilby and UNiTE President Aisha Lloyd are among those who will participate in the panel.

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    "I couldn't help but notice that all the panelists are of a different ethnicity," Lloyd said. "I think they were looking for people who are highly opinionated."

    Freedman-Schnapp said the forum's main objective is to educate students about the study's results and to find positive solutions to the proble ms highlighted by the study.

    "Solutions begin with individuals themselves," Panelist Lloyd said. "The panel isn't going to be any help if people who need to be there aren't there."

    "Students who come [tonight] need to take whatever they learn and spread their knowledge to others with a more narrow perspective," Lloyd said.

    At the conclusion of the forum, the group will present a proposal of "workable" solutions to racial problems at the University.

    "I want to emphasize that this event is not about blaming people; it's not about making accusations. It's about coming together and talking frankly about what we need to do for people to trust one another," Freedman-Schnapp said.

    Compiled by Josie Roberts

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