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Dance Confessions

"Confessions of a dancer" appears to be a typical dance recital on a superficial level. But it's anything but.

"We're a dance group that focuses on African-American dance. We're all about different pieces of music," said Kesi Green, fourth-year College student and Mahogany Dance troupe member.

Mahogany, one of the troupes featured in the event, draws its influences from an eclectic variety of ethnic backgrounds, including African, Haitian, and Caribbean Reggae.

"We will feature four different pieces of music in our one minute intro, including hip-hop, reggae and ballet," Green said.

The program, as the title, "Confessions of a dancer" suggests, involves a choreographer performing an introduction to a dance, explaining its meaning and why she chose to do the dance, Green said.

"It's just about what was on the choreographer's mind -- about why we chose to do the dance," Green said.

The dance will be Nov. 17th at 8 p.m. in the Student Activities Building.

High schoolers invade U.Va

This weekend, over 600 high school students will invade Grounds, carrying programs and brochures.

VAMUN, the Virginia Model United Nations, is having its yearly Model U.N. conference today until Sunday.

The organization will represent intricate committees and organizations within the U.N., including the Security Council and the International Monetary Fund, said third-year College student Mohsin Syed, who is also a member of the International Relations Organization.

The IRO is hosting the Model U.N. conference. This is the most successful the conference has been in its 20-year history, Syed said.

The keynote speaker at the event is Vice Provost for International Affairs William Quandt. The program will wrap up Sunday at 1:15 p.m. Saturday night, the model delegates can get a true taste of University lifestyle, at Sigma Nu, where they have been invited to a "Delegate Dance."

Compiled by Adam Justice


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