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Name: Key Richardson

Year/School: First-year College

Most unusual class: The History of Mr. Jefferson's University.

LASE 152.

Why: This class meets in a different location every week. We've had class in the Dome Room of the Rotunda, the Special Collections room and Pavilion VIII. Each week we have a guest speaker that lectures about such topics as the secret societies, architecture, Mr. Jefferson's legacy and the University during periods such as the Civil War and World War I.

Name: Rebecca Blackwell

Year/School: Fourth-year College

Most unusual class: Abnormal Psychology. PSYC 341.

Why: It was worth getting up for at 9:30 in the morning. We got to watch a lot of videotapes during class dealing with interesting issues like transgender individuals.

Name: Steph Wilson

Year/School: Third-year Commerce

Most unusual class: Sociolinguistics. ANTH 341.

Why: It was a wonderful class about how people decide to say what they do in certain situations. We learned about power differences in speaking and how people accommodate to each other's speech. I read and learned much more than I would have just taking my pre-Comm classes; and it was practical too, especially in light of my interest in psychology.

Name: Justin Reznick

Year/School: Second-year College

Most unusual class: Cinema as an Art form. DRAM 281.

Why: This class allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of and learn more about a subject I'm really interested in.

Name: Ashley Eickhof

Year/School: Second-year College

Most unusual class: Intro to Child Development. EDLF 315.

Why: The professors were awesome. They were passionate about the subject and they shared a lot from their own personal lives. The material is practical. It relates to understanding and raising kids, and you get to do hands on experiments with kids.

Name: Imee Arcibal

Year/School: Second-year College

Most unusual class: Thomas Jefferson, Architect. ARH 150.

Why: The professor is really excited and energetic about her work. She works closely with restoring a lot of Thomas Jefferson's homes and was a technical advisor for the Sally Hemmings' movie that was on CBS last year. It's a fun class and you get to go on fieldtrips.

Name: Thomas "Jersey" Caruso

Year/School: First-year College

Most unusual class: Archaic Cult and Myth. RELG 214.

Why: This class offers a view at a different type of history, one in which tribes still exist and the monuments still stand. Professor Benjamin Ray is such a traveled man and has seen many of these sites and people. He offers added insight and commentary to what the books can't tell you. In the discussions you are able to chat about the cool things you learned about the previous class, such as how the Aztec tribes would sacrifice prisoners of war to the sun god and eat them.

Name: Mary Stuart Young

Year/School: First-year College

Most unusual class: Dracula. SLAV 236.

Why: This class is all about Dracula. It not only examines the historical figure of Vlad Tepes, but the character and myth of Dracula in folklore, fiction and film. We get to watch seven movies throughout the course and it fulfills the second writing requirement. Dracula sucks, but this course doesn't.

Name: Joey Rispoli

Year/School: Third-year Engineering

Most unusual class: History of the Civil Rights Movement. HIUS 367.

Why: The professor is Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP. The class is not taught from books, but from actual experience. He knows the facts because he was there, through the sit-ins and arrests that were made. In addition to lectures, we watch videos in a PBS series narrated by Professor Bond.

Name: Mehula Garala

Year/School: Fourth-year College

Most unusual class: Performance: Image to Form. DRAM 201

Why: It's a good class for science majors, especially people that use their left brains a lot. The class dwells on using the right side of the brain and coming up with abstract ideas. Everyone had to do an abstract painting to their choice of music and had to do a sculpture. It's not a class that stresses you out a lot and a good class to take where you get to do stuff you haven't done before and to experience things that you didn't think you were capable of doing.


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