Nelson withdraws from presidential race

Four days after the official campaigning and endorsing period began, Student Council College Representative Marisa Nelson withdrew from the race for Council president Sunday night.

Nelson said after going through several endorsement interviews over the weekend, she realized she could accomplish her goals of making change without the formal title of Council president.

"I will make change regardless of what capacity I serve and will be a happier person working on those things that I truly am passionate about," she said.

Nelson said she plans to continue her involvement with Council.

"The resources are too great to bypass that opportunity, but I haven't decided in what capacity I will be working," she said.

Nelson said she does not plan to endorse a specific candidate for Council president.

"I hope that in choosing [a president] students can find someone that is both realistic and passionate about their goals," she said.

Council presidential candidate Curtis Ofori, who has worked on Council with Nelson in the past, commended her accomplishments as College representative.

"She did great work on the Off-Grounds Housing Office," Ofori said.

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