Judiciary Committee elects new executives

The University Judiciary Committee elected third-year College student Tim Ormsby as Committee Chairman for the 2005-2006 school year in a meeting last night.

"I am very excited," Ormsby said. "I think we have a great Committee and a great judge pool. I have a lot of confidence."

Ormsby said he plans to start working towards accomplishing his goals for UJC in the upcoming year as soon as possible and emphasized a push in education.

The Committee also elected second-year College student Raleigh Anne Blank as vice chair for first years, third-year Commerce student William Mitchell as vice chair for trials and graduate student Gavin Reddick as vice chair for sanctions.

The newly elected vice-chairs said they were enthusiastic about working with one another and the new Committee.

"Everyone's speeches showed they have some fabulous ideas," Blank said. "Everyone emphasized education. It's important to make the University community well aware of what we do."

Blank emphasized the potential of the UJC to better serve the community while offering students more opportunities to contribute to the UJC through more extensive education efforts.

While the goals of the new Committee are ambitious, the newly-elected chairs say there are optimistic that they can bring about positive change.

"There is a broad agenda for change, but I think it is all change for the better," Reddick said.

Outgoing Chairwoman Angela Carrico expressed confidence in the new board as well.

"I am happy with what UJC has accomplished in the past year and I am sure that this group will continue to do great things," Carrico said.

While the incoming chairs say they are looking forward to their terms, they also expressed appreciation for the work of the outgoing Committee.

"The outgoing executive Committee is really strong," Mitchell said. "It's going to be really hard to fill their shoes, but we've got a strong group of individuals."

The newly-elected chairs will transition into their positions on April 1.

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